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Questions To Ask About Your Sales Process

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When it comes to your sales process you first need to ask if the sales figures and conversion rates are in line with your targets.

If they are - great - perhaps the targets should be higher. If not, are the targets at all realistic, as if not you could be hiding great figures.

If you are satisfied they are realistic but the sales aren't there then you need to examine your sales process.

Are you identifying and targeting the right customer set?

Are competitors beating you on cost, quality, reputation?

If you are satisfied that you are holding your own and the customers are broadly right, then chances are your sales process could be honed.

So is the qualification of potential leads and then the negotating with them to get the deal what is going wrong?

Sometimes it can help to get an expert in externally to watch and monitor your processes for a few days then come up with some suggestions as to what you could do differently or better if you can't work out yourself what could be done differently.

By: Job Expert

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