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How To Reduce Red Eye In Your Photos

Hobbies : Photography

If you get red eye problems in your photos then there are things that you can to do try to reduce this.

One is to use a camera with an anti-red eye mechanism.

This works in a simple way - it fires a few flashes of light just before the photo is taken which cause the size of the pupil to decrease and therefore the blood vessels at the back of the eye are less likely to reflect the light which is what causes red eye.

Another trick to use as the person being photographed is to close your eyes very slightly just as the photo is taken - be careful though as you don't want to look like you are blinking or are very tired.

The final method which may be best to use for you is to look very slightly above the camera rather than straight at the camera. This again can help to reduce red eye and also can make for some nice looking pictures of you.

By: Stephanie

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