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Removing Yellow Mustard Or Curry

Cleaning : Carpet Cleaning

Welcome to the 21st century. New technology has now made stain removal a safe and easy process.
Yellow mustard and curry can be removed in a mater of hrs no mater how old they are. This is a 95% success rate to this process.
1. clean the area by removing the excess mustard or curry from the carpet. Using something in house would be a half gal of water and a drop of dish liquid soap. Put that into a sprayer bottle and lightly spray the area and blot with an old terry cloth towel.
2. let it dry.
3. pick up some stain magic from a janitorial supply house and a uvb light.
4. apply the two part stain magic to the stain and set the light above the stain.
5. leave for 30 mins to 6 hrs.
If you do now have the equipment call a professional that knows about this process.
We have done this for a while now and it has worked each time.

By: Chuck Blanton

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