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Running A Home Business And Affiliate Schemes

Business : Home Working

Running a home business is no doubt tough. If you ever feel you could do with a little help in the marketing of your products, then why not launch an affiliate scheme?

This need not be anything grand at all, but is simply a method of using existing clients to sell for you, and giving them a commission when it comes off!

So for instance you could email all existing clients and say you are launching a referral scheme. For every piece of business that they refer your way, you will give them x% of the sale (say, 10% or 15%).

The great thing here is that if they don't succeed in getting you business, you pay them nothing.

If they do get you business, then you have it fall into your lap without your own marketing costs to cover and all you have to pay out is about 10 or 15% to the referrer... which in turn will make them look to get even more work for you.

Therefore this sort of scheme can work very well with the right product - particularly that which you sell to individuals as business products are clearly harder for individuals to sell outside of their own company on a casual basis!

By: Fred

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