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Sagittarius Information On Personality

Relationships : Star Signs And Astrology

People who are under the sign of the zodiac that is Sagittarius like to be at the centre of attention. Indeed they court the limelight and like nothing better than being involved in the thick of the action.

Whilst some people shy away from the limelight and pressure, those under this star sign love it and positively lap it up in fact!

A lot of people under this category love to go travelling and see as much of the world as they can. They tend to also commit themselves deeply to issues that interest and concern them, so don't be surprised if a Sagittarian in your life suddenly gets deeply engrossed in something that tickles their fancy, as it were.

Finally, they tend to be quite energetic with a positive spirit, which makes them good people to have around in the team for those times where the general energy is flagging and someone is needed to spice things up a bit and get people's energy levels back on track!

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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