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Saving Petrol

DIY : Cars

Follow these tips to ensure you are saving petrol in the ways that you can!

First off make sure you have pumped your tyres up properly. Keep them well inflated. This will save petrol in the long haul.
Drive at a moderate speed. Avoid high speeds on open roads.
Clean the air filter regularly. If air filters are clogged it will increase fuel consumption.
Thinner tyres. Using thick tyres improves the handling of the car but it also increases fuel consumption.
Start your car up properly! Don’t prime the engine first or pump the pedals or crank the engine. Idle the car for no more then 30 seconds, it will warm up itself.
Drive in higher gears!
Travel light, Get rid of any excess stuff in your car every 50 kg in your car increases fuel consumption by about 2%.
Accelerating and decelerating waste fuel. Braking abruptly also uses fuel. Plan ahead.
Don’t accelerate too strong, press acceleration gently.
Don’t let your engine idle!
Use that air con sparingly! It will ear up an extra 10 percent fuel.

Don'y let your car reach the bottom of the tank as it will always cost much more to fill right up again. When filling up with petrol look around for the cheapest prices, and make the most it it. Little journeys will use more petrol as the car is stopping and starting in a short space of time, so you may find your longer journeys don't use as much petrol as you first thought.

By: Jade

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