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Self Employment And Freelancing

Business : Self Employment

It is a well known fact that over recent years, many companies have changed the way in which they work with people.

Rather than looking to have someone on a fixed salary for a long period (e.g. full term employment) they seem more and more willing to work with consultants who they will pay more money, but only for the duration of a project rather than on a full time basis.

The attraction to the employer is that they are paying only when they need the skills of that individual and also can avoid expensive extras such as pensions and health insurance etc.

Thus it is actually quite an attractive way to get something done for employers.

As a freelance consultant, this is what you would trade on, and you can make considerable money of course if you get decent employment.

There is a running joke in many companies that when someone retires or gets made redundant even they will come back a few months later as a consultant, but do the same same job for more money and with more flexibility - and no painful internal politics and line management to worry about.

By: Fred

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