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Self Employment: Contracts

Business : Self Employment

One important aspect of being self employed is that you will need to sign contracts with each employer to agree up front what is expected of you, where, when, how and so on.

You need to take the time to read through these thoroughly and check your understanding of issues - for instance will you be expected to work on site at all times? What are the hours of work? Can you sub contract some of the work if relevant or are you expected to do it all?

All these things should be checked and scoped out before you sign so that there are no nasty surprises for you further down the line.

Sometimes it is helpful to write back to the potential employer with your understanding of the meeting.

Finally remember that it can be harder to get money once a job is completed and the company has their value out of you, so ensure that payment occurs at suitable intervals during the period of work!

By: Fred

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