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How To Set Up A Grid To Draw In.

Hobbies : Art

Using a grid can help you draw, getting things accurate and it will help with organizing your drawing. Get yourself an a3/a4 sized paper and follow these instructions:

Use the width of a ruler as a spacer. If not you can measure out equal column and row widths using inch or centimeter measurements to space your markings.

Using the ruler spacing method, check that 5 ruler widths will fit across page, and 7 going down.
Leave a gap at the top and left of page to allow for work to come off the grid there.

Using the ruler draw lines down the page to create 5 blocks, make sure it is straight and even.
Now draw in the horizontal lines to make 7 blocks going down. If there is unequal space in borders from above or below or left or right don't worry. you can always trim the paper when your drawing is finished.

Always use pencil to create your grids so you can rub it out, and make sure you have a long enough ruler.

This method will work as a great asset for your drawings and sketches and you should notice a great different in your art work. Your art should be more organised and even, and your pictures will really resemble what you are drawing.

A Tip*

A great tip for if you are sketching a photo or an image to copy, is to make a print out of what you want to draw and draw a grid on it, that way you will know what to draw in each section!

By: Jade

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