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Speed Dating Tips For The Shy

Relationships : Speed Dating

Speed dating attracts a large cross section of people from the loud, bubbly and confident through to those who are a bit more shy and subdued about this sort of thing.

If you are shy and nervous then it can be a bit of a daunting prospect to go speed dating, so what should you do to ensure you enjoy the event rather than dread it and break out into a cold sweat?

One tip that you could use is rather than conceal the fact that you are shy is simply to tell people that you are shy when you meet them, right up front.

Get it out of the way early doors and you can then relax and enjoy the date... at least it is out in the open there.

And remember that the other person might be shy too and in which case you instantly have a connection and feeling of empathy which can be a real boost, and if not they will appreciate your honesty in saying it too, as many think of shyness as a bad thing that they need to hide or conceal or be ashamed of - getting it out there up front can only be a good thing.

Also if you are shy you might benefit from going with a friend for support and a sense of security as it were.

One final tip that is often recommended is to use the classic trick of thinking that your dates are just dressed in their underwear (don't be too imaginative, though!) and this silly mental image can help you relax and really get in to the swing of the event.

By: Stephanie

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