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The Best Swimwear For Your Body

Beauty : Beach Fashion

Everyone had a different body type ect and getting the right swinwear for our body can be difficult there is a chance we can get it wrong and look a mess..

If you are tall and skinny wear bright and bold bikinis they break up your body.If your skinny then wear a bikini with extra padding to make your chest look bigger when your bra isnt around..

If you have a long body then wear patterns and prints on your swinwear animal prints are really hot right now. Break up your body with verticle lines. Tankinis would also make a long body look better. Horizontal stripes look best on this shape but avoid verticle ones as you'll just look taller.

Pear shaped bodies should wear halter neck types as they make your shoulders look broader and hips smaller swimming costumes arent always the best for this shape. Print tops are great for putting your body into proper proportion.

If you have quite a boyish figure try padding too and try out string bikinis and halter necks aswell. Diagonal stripes give some curves and try swimwear with frills and bows.

By: Marianne

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