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The Big Freeze - Thought Experiment

Philosophy : Thought Experiments

Occupants of Zelta Gamma 275 were puzzled. This small blue planet they looked at in the Milky Way seemed to freeze over completely every five years in an instant, and absolutely everything stopped.

And then, a few years on, the freeze went as soon as it had come on, and the planet started moving, the animals and creatures they could see were once again animated, as if nothing had changed at all - they weren't even aware of what had happened. Strange.

A few millenia later when the clever folks on Zelta Gamma 275 had worked out how to pay the people on this planet a visit, having targetted them as a very clever species, one of few in the universe, they were disappointed with the reaction they received.

When they told the earthlings, or humans as they seemed to call themselves, that their planet was freezing every five years and they were in suspended animation for a few years, the humans had just laughed.

"How did aliens clever enough to travel through space come up with such rubbish? If that happened we would know about it - we would realise that when we woke up several years had passed, we would know what was happening".

The aliens would have scratched their heads if they had them at this. How could the humans be so stupid?

Not only did they not know about this happening, there was no way that they could know this was happening.

Yet rather than take on board this fascinating information about how different the reality of their lives was to their previous conception, they seemed not the least bit interested.

By: Dan

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