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The Key To A Mans Heart

Relationships : Relationship Advice

The idea that there is a key to a mans heart is a load of rubbish, so that's what you need to learn more than anything else here!

The fact is that each man is different and whilst there are certain stereotypes each one will have different preferences and prefer different things to another.

Understanding this is an important point in having healthy and sustainable relationships - the way one boyfriend acted or liked things does not mean that the next one will value the same things.

Clearly the old adage about the way to a mans heart being through his stomach is true to the point that everyone enjoys eating food, it is kind of necessary to live, but there is not much more profound to it than that!

The truth is that any decent person values love, care and attention from their partner and them taking the time to talk to them and be interested in them for what they do.

If you can give attention to your boyfriend and care for them and have genuine affection and they feel the same back then that really is all that you need to have a healthy and successful relationship that lasts over time.

By: Stephanie

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