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Things To Do In Lisbon

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If you visit Lisbon, you should find that there are lots of things to do. Just note that there are hardly any decent places to eat in some areas of the city, so be prepared to have to go to places like Pizza Hut or McDonalds!

With regard things to do, you can easily spend a day in and around Belem. There is the Tower of Belem which is a big tourist definition, and also the very impressive cathedral. Get to both of these by super tram for a low cost easy access method both there and back.

There are also some other interesting venues around this area, so it is worth exploring these for a day.

You can also go to the oceanarium if you like fish and animals - a good range of creatures of all shapes and sizes and very interesting place; well worth a visit indeed. There are also botanical gardens that are worth a trip if you like flower too.

There are good options with parks such as Edward VII park, which gives good views as you down from the top, and also some interesting hot and cold houses there, though they are not as good as the guide books imply.

There are several galleries and arty things that you can do, and if you are into that sort of thing then some of these are worth a visit.

The other thing you should try to do is go to the Castle of Saint George - whilst it can be tricky to find the right road to walk up if you make your own way there, it is well worth it.

The main attraction is actually the stunning, and unexpectedly good views, that you get of Lisbon. There is pretty much a 360 degree panorama of the whole city from a height where you get a good view of everything without being too far removed that things are difficult to spot.

By: Fred

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