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Things To Do In Mallorca

Travel : Destinations

When it comes to travelling to Mallorca, the first thing that you might like to do is a little bit of celebrity spotting!

That's because Mallorca is the haunt of the rich and the famous or one of them anyway - well they have a lot of jet setting to do as they need many holidays due to their terribly strenuous workload, you understand.

If you like shopping that's the main thing to do here, there are lots of interesting things to buy and stores and you can spend as much as you like - really!

There are some very nice swanky resorts to check out in, but also if you want wild nights out then you can head to Palma and the surrounding area.

Obviously there is much you can do on the water. For instance kyaking, water sports of all sorts, or just relax and catch some rays and relax in the sun, sea and sand.

By: Stephanie

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