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Tips On Moving In Together

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If you decide to move in together, then that is great. But there is quite a bit to consider first.

The obvious things are the practical nature of where you are living. Do you decide to move into one of your houses or flats - e.g. the boyfriends or girlfriends flat? Or do you rather find somewhere together on your own and live there?

The choice really is yours. Whatever you decide, remember it is an upheaval for at least one partner, so be particularly sensitive.

You then need to decide about things such as bills before you move to avoid arguments when you have just moved in when things are stressful enough as it is.

So for instance you might want to work out if you will be splitting all bills 50/50, or if one person pays the mortgage and the other food, electricity, gas bills and so on - the choice really is yours but clear discussion up front prevents hassle down the line.

By: Stephanie

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