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Toothpaste Working On Spots

Beauty : Skincare

I recently read that if you put toothpaste on your blemish, it will soon disappear. I tried it and it worked, which i was not expecting. But in the future, i will use proper spot cream instead of toothpaste.

By: Caitie

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Very interesting to hear that toothpaste did actually work for you.

There are many people out there who swear by it for curing or drying out spots whilst many others seem to find that it does not work or can even lead to redness and irritation of the skin near the spot.

I guess it must come down to the type of skin that you have - whether it is oily or dry skin perhaps, and perhaps even the type of spot that it is - like a yellowhead or a red spot or even a blackhead.

It might also be the case that the type of toothpaste that is being used makes a difference too, though of course whether anyone has ever actually studied if different types of toothpaste are better or worse at curing and remedying spots than others I have no idea!

The good thing about toothpaste is that it is cheap and we have lots around the house whereas a lot of spot creams are quite expensive aren't they?

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I also wonder about whether different types of toothpastes are better or worse o...
- Mon, Sep 21st 2009

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