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How To Understand Racing Form


If you like horses, then you might from time to time try reading the horses form guides in the newspapers.

To the uninitiated these can be very complex and confusing to read.

The horses name is fine, the top left normally, but what are the rest?

Well beneath the horses name you will tend to get the owner and the trainer written.

Then across the page you should get the weight, colour, birth date and breeding.

The set of numbers you see will show the performance in the last set of races - often two years worth - and if they came worse than 6th, a - will be put in place.

The position often isn't that important if it was a really easy race or really hard race relative to the one that they are now in.

That's why you should find that sometimes the odds on a horse that won its last race are still high and those on one that came towards the back are still quite low - due to the quality of field.

By: Stephen

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