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What Is First Past The Post?


First past the post is the electoral system in the United Kingdom for the 2010 general elections.

The way it works is very simple: you get given a list of the candidates that are standing for parliament in your constituency.

These people are called the PPCs, or prospective parliamentary candidates.

All that you then do is put an 'X' in the box alongside the person that you wish to vote for.

Generally on election forms the left column will be a list of candidate names and the party that they represent.

There will be a right-hand column and it is in this column that you must mark the 'X' next to the candidate that you wish to vote for.

You must make a clear mark in just one box: if you do not enter any mark at all or you enter in more than one box then your vote will not count - this is called a spoilt vote and is ineligible and discarded.

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