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Why You Should Give Up Prince Charming

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

Prince Charming probably doesn't exist - that is the simple reality that you need to get used to!

Yes it might be hard to take, but that is the reality of the matter.

Too many of us have expectations that are too unrealistic on a relationship and expect it to run along the lines of a whirlwind romance seem in a hollywood romcom - the fact is life is not like that.

So don't set expectations that are too high on men because we all have flaws whether we are male and female and if the single little thing puts you off then you will never be able to be happy because they will always be annoying you in some way or another!

Also be sure not to compare to anyone else. Sure you might know someone who has a great personality and your new Prince Charming is not going to live up to that but they may be good in other areas.

No one is completely ideal in all areas for our dream expectations. Indeed our dreams are dreams for a reason - because they don't reflect reality. If our dreams come true they aren't dreams anymore, if that makes sense.

So lower the bar of judgement against everyone you meet and settle for someone nice and forget about that fictional Prince Charming bloke!

By: Stephanie

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