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How To Write Good Lyrics


Write great lyrics for a song - simply write about a life event that has moved you. Sit down and think of the time that you felt the strongest emotion, good or bad, of your life. Write about a similar event and you will be guaranteed to have great lyrics.

Thomas Powell

By: Thomas Powell on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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I have often sat down and written about my strongest feelings and formed it into a rough idea for a song. The problem i have is to get it sounding like a song, and in the structure of a song. I've tried to put the words to the guitar and/or piano but the words don't flow and i was wondering if anyone had any tips to get the writing to flow a bit more. .

What i have found to work is once you have a basic idea of what the music sounds like (what chords your going to use etc) just to set up some kind of recording equipment in front of you hit record and ad-lib the entire thing. Then when your done play it back, write down the bits you like and change the bits you don't. Also don't worry about it making perfect sense, read any song done by almost any performer and it reads bad. Hope this will inspire people to write great songs.

How Does RYAN ROSS from panic! do it?

That is very good advice and is how i personally write songs. Another good way is to really think about your experience until you can get to the pure essence of what you were feeling at the time and then try to sing the keywords that come to you. I have found that this can really help you to find the music you need to get your feelings across. Good luck friends :D

To write a song that flows naturally, try to put down your previous experience and your feelings on a piece of paper, before looking through them and changing the words so they are more lyrical. Then decide on the mood of the song, happy/sad and find a basic chord sequence that fits with this. When writing the song, you may have an idea of a rhythm or tune, and always record this or write it down before just having a go at it. It's your piece of music, after all!

A simple thing most of the pros do and i always do is to start with a piece of music (even if it is only one instrument at this stage not just percussion obviously) then think what does that make you feel. That way your lyrics are born of the music and will tend to fit better straight off.

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