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How to exercise your stomach

I just gave birth to my third child almost 9 months ago and I have started brisk walking 5 days a week. My stomach is in bad need of some attention. I do sit ups but loose faith when I don't see a quick fix! I don't seem to see an improvement with the walking. I am going on holiday for the first time since our honeymoon 5 years ago at the beginning of July and I would just love to be able to wear tops and jeans where I don't have this bulge out over them. Can anyone help?! Thanks!

Question From: Niamh Toomey-O\'Loughlin - Apr 20th 2004


I would suggest when you take your brisk walks you wear a waist trimmer belt it helps you burn the fat around your belly i have been using one and i makes you sweat more around the stomach otherwise you could get a waist nipper that you wear under your everyday clothes for a quick fix look in the lingerie department be sure its comfortable.

Reply From: Tina - Jun 17th 2004

I find that i sweat more around my stomach when i wear my waist slimmer the part that you put on the stomach is black and it holds in heat so far so good. if you need a quick fix get a waist nipper from the lingerie department be sure its comfortable. the wist trimmer can be found at walgreens, or target stores like that i found the waist nipper at walmart in the underwear department GOOD LUCK! .

Reply From: Anon - Jun 17th 2004

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