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How To Cheaply Stomach Tone

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Machines that promise you the earth - a cheaply toned stomach - for a few quid rarely are of any use at all. Old fashioned sit ups are just as effective, if not more so in the vast majority of cases.

Stomach Toning Exercise

To get a trimmer stomach try this: lie flat on your back and put your knees up, arms at your side and your feet flat on the floor.

Press your lower back into the floor and curl your shoulders up until they lift off the floor (your shoulder blades). Return to the starting position, but do this slowly and gently, no rapid movements. Repeat this about ten times several times a week - perhaps 3 or 4 times a week.

By: Catherine Daley on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

More stomach exercise advice

How To Cheaply Stomach Tone, This has done wonders for my abs and obliques: In just about every magazine you can find a "6 weeks to better abs" - do them! They are amazing! It might be hard work at first, but you're buff body will be a good pay-off!

1st, there is no substitute for old fashioned exercise. Sit-ups, crunches, etc will help to add definition to stomach muscles, however, if there is a layer of fat over them, they will never be seen, cardio is the only way to get rid of that fat. Work it out with a balance diet.

Crunches will work the upper abs, but to reduce that little bulge just above your pant line this exercise is perfect - lie on your back, place your hand under the base of your spin to make sure you maintain the natural arch (otherwise you may strain your back). Raise both your legs - making a right angle with your knees. Your lower legs should be parallel to the floor. Slowly lower your right leg to touch the tip of your toe to the floor then raise again slowly. The movement should come from your hip - making your lower abs do the work - if you're doing it right, trust me you'll feel it! Repeat with your left leg. Continue to alternate this movement, right then left.

I do this to music (Michael Jackson - Rock My World or J-Lo - the one with 'ain't it funny how a moment can just change your life'), quite slow but with a good beat - dipping the leg in time. Once you've done a couple of repetitions, you should be confident about your arch and be able to place your arms at your side.

To make it harder, add a crunch - reach up either side of your legs with your arms, extending the 'dip' leg when you raise the leg up, so it goes - dip, raise, crunch and extend, then other leg. When you crunch your back should come out of the arch to protect your back.

I have found that slow controlled and 'held' movements tone much more effectively than 100-quick crunches (not that I could ever do 10 quick ones nevermind 100!) Happy toning!

Once suffering from a broken tail bone I learned a trick for crunches. To take pressure off your lower back and tail bone in my case. Lay with your legs straight up on a wall like you are sitting on the wall. I have also learned that a full situp is not at all benificial, crunches are the way to go for tight abs, but also keep in mind you need to work all of your stomach, the 6 or 8 pack isnt real nice unless the love handles are not there..

I do about 100 situps each night, everyday of the week. Its very tiring, but now i have a excellent 6 pack!!! It may not sound very exciting, but its cheap and easy and does work!! I usalyy do it to music, which has a beat, and then if it is a fast beat, i do the situps fast but if irts slow i do it slow situps. That is also another way i do them, i do the situps for the whole of the track. Or i just get relaxed, by deep breathing and slowly i do about 100 situps!!!.

I just wanna sayI had A few questions in mind before i read these. But these answered my questions very well and have worked. Thanks to you all who made a comment thanks again marie duddy..

I have been doing these and now i have a 3 pack, its great, but my farts are a bit smelly, infact its like rotten eggs.

Does this work for post natal heffers like me? is there any chance this weight might go after ive finished breast feeding?.

This exvercise is not only good for your abs, but it also reduces back problems when you get older!.

Crunches and sit-ups work fine for your upper abs, but what about your lowers? just below and around your belly button?.

In reply to how to tone your lower stomach muscles.
The best exercise I have found is the leg raise.You lie on your back on a bench, legs extended over the end in the horizontal position.You then raise them to the vertical position very smoothly and ryhthemically.
Repeat for a set of 20.

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