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How to get flat abs

i am a girl of 17 yrs... i want to look fit n healthy... i want flat abs... so would u please tell me some home exercises that r easy to do to reduce my stomach size?

Question From: snowwhite - Apr 18th 2005


In order to reduce your stomach size and get the flatter stomach you want you need to watch what you eat. You can do all the ab exercizes you want but if you don't watch what you eat you'll never see results. You will build ab muscles but they will not be visible if your body fat percentage is too high. So do a combination of ab exercizes and eating a low fat diet.
Crunches on the ab ball is a great way to work your abs. Also laying on your back and bring your right elbow to your left knee and then your left elbow to your right knee in a bicycle motion. Keep your stomach tight during exercises and breathe. Also put your hands behind your head and curl your knees to your nose.
Good luck!.

Reply From: Kat - Apr 26th 2005

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