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How to get over your ex

How do i get ma x-girlfriend to like me???? I LOVE her!!! But...she has a boyfriend but they never talk :S! And she seems to talk 2 me ALL the time and we r like best friends now.. plz help cos i dno if she likes me!!!

Question From: Simon - Apr 25th 2005


Sorry but if you have moved to the best friends stage then there is no chance that you could get with her again.

Best advice: forget about it and move on. Remember the good times but accept that they are now in the past and that you need to move into the next relationship.

Don't pine for your ex and if it is hard because you still see her a lot then try to reduce contact with her as hard as that might seem it is best in the long run.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

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