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How To Find Out If Someone Likes You

Relationships : Dating Advice

Do they like me?

One of the tried and tested problems through relationship history has been finding out whether that girl or guy you have pined over for years really likes you or not.

Should you pluck up the courage and just ask them out, or is it alright to ask their mates if they like you? This may seem easier, but in fact, in the long run it is not the best way to find out if they have a crush on you!

Ask Them Out!

I always recommend that you simply ask the person out, before it drives you crazy. It at least shows that you are serious. If they say no, then it is their loss. And if they say yes, then, well it can be the start of something beautiful. Asking them out via their friends is simply a cowardly way to do it. So go on, bite the bullet and ask her/him out today!

By: Cherry Marvis on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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Its very simple really, if u fancy them, which hints do u give? looking at them and then looking away? especially the treat um man keepum keen thing. if a boy is rrely being niceto you and you are nice to him and he suddenly turns nasty its not that he doesnt like you its just the rules thing. heis trying to hint!!!.

Tell him/her directly...since both of u like each other and u already knew that he/she likes u..then juz tell him/her DIRECTLY how u feel!!!dun waste time anymore...act now!!!if u r a gal and ur cruch is a shy guy..then u should take a move..or else..both of u won haf any chance...see...

I dnt thnk it is a gud idea for girls to tell the guys that she likes him first... it is for a simple reason that the guy may be turned off on her bcoz he will thnk shes aggressive and ol!! but there are exemptions.. it ac2ally depends on the person n the very first place... agree?.

What about if the girl is a very close friend of yours and flirts with u. only now that she's single and u really want her?


Also, if the guy/girl looks into your eyes when you are talking then it means that he/she trusts you and probably likes you. You should look into her/his eyes when talking also..

Yeah it maybe hard to do it and ask them face to face especially if you are like me and are mad about this boy/girl so go on every one can do it !!!!!!!!!!.

What If a girl Keeps looking at you and she has already said to other people that She Ain't the type that goes out with boys but not ur face?.

If you look into a fellas eyes and his pupils are pulsing rapidly it means he likes you


Ok, im 14 and I really love this girl and i also am not sure if she likes me....I asked her in person for her sn and she gave it to me and we are keeping in touch. I asked her if she wanted to go to a concert with her and her friend and one of my friends (we all know eachother) and she accepted my invitation. I am not allowed to date till i graduate at the end of this year.... Thanks alot Jerry!.

Love is unconditional. It is never selfish nor jealous. Always love your partner with sincerity from the heart. There is always a magic of love! Love conquers ALL!.

Hi, I am having trouble asking the girl. I see signs and everytime a song comes up it reminds me of her. I feel like i can doit but i am to scared. I really need help with this, and it has to be soon couse eny longer a she mite get someonelse. If anyone that can help me or someadvice could you plz email me at (griggrigoryev@yahoo.com) plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I reli like someone and i told them that i do, she didnt say anything but seems closer, i have many chances to have made a move but do not no how she would react if i did! im just confused reli

Its okay to be confused trust me. from a girls point of view i just wanna tell you that girls like suprises. when you are at a club or party and you see her, stand at an angle where you san see her. make sure that you have eye contact with her and when you do, look away. try talking with a girlfriend, but just talking. and when you see her walking away make sure she is alone and then you follow her. you then just talk to her about everyday things, but dont talk too much. if she talks then you just pull her near and stand behind her allowing your arms to give her a hug. if you see there is no resistance than you push her away slowly so she can now face you. ask her another question then when she talks again you kiss her. it will give her butterflies in the stomach because she didnt excpect you to kiss her. then you take her hand and walk to the rest of the people. dont ask her out yet. women like hard to get men, but dont push her away. hope everything works out well for you!!! all the best

There's this guy who i believe likes me a lot. he looks at me in a very special way. his eyes would always catch mine and he makes me feel i'm the most beautiful girl in the world. i like him too. but the problem is he never has the courage to talk to me and i never get the courage to tell him how i feel as well. what's more, everytime he looks at me so intensely, i freak out and look away. also i tend to ignore him everytime he looks at me with a goofy smile of his. anyone out there who is willing to help me.... try to email me at mizzcutie_lxa@hotmail.com

Hey Guys! I need help. Well, I sit with one girl in my college she seems to like me and give me signs that she likes me but its weird, when I talk to her she is being "cold" to me.

I'm really confused. She giving me all these glances but then she can specially make this "bored" (but cute =)) face, sort of always trying to make these "evil" jokes and comment.

But in general by body language she seem to like me (never can be sure can you =)). She stroking her hair, quite often turns to look at me or make it look as she looks somewhere out of the window. She leans to me sometimes or on the other hand: give me a glance and turn away trying to turn the other way. Especially this slicky glances as she half turned and looks with side of her eye on me when I look on the board or something like that.

Girls and women can be very complicated to guess, I know. And that is why I need someone with more experience to help me to understand this situation.

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your help, Shadow (love this nick :P)

Well i really like this 1 girl at school, and she has asked me out couple times, but i said no since she seemed very scared and discovered later they were playing dare, so this time the girls call me over, they say she wants to talk to me, i go over to her
she starts stuffing her mouth with cookies so that her words r ununderstandable, and tries to ask me out cause she is very shy(so am i) so then her friend and mine yell out that she wants to go out with me...now u can tell this was a surprise for me, but i said i heard it before(expecting it was another game) then i sat down and the girl right infront of the one i like kept telling me that this time its for real and that shes serious...while the actual girl didnt say anything and avoided my eyes for the rest of the period...and she was acting wierd all day..now i have liked her alot, and never knew she actually like me, now putting this together would make sence, but i am not sure if she was really serious or not, but i never dared to ask her out!! how can i find out for sure? because if i tell her i like her and she says no it will b all over the school!, please tell me any ideas, its middle school but highschool is next year and shes going to my highschool but might get taken fast, please please please help me out, reply here and add me on msn at supermouse_447@hotmail.com or email me at that email and supermouse_447@link.net, thanks and hope i get answers asap, its soon


I Need Help 8th Grade Is Starting Next Week And In Thd Last Days Of 7th There War A Girl That I Liked But Never Asked Out We Had The Same First Class And We Sat Diagnally From Each Other. When We Were Able To Work In Groups She Would Get Her And My Friend To Sit Behind Me And Talk To Me Alot. Some Times She Would Tap Me On My Shoulder To Ask Me Something Random I Cant Till If She Likes Me Plz Held!!!!romanvitanza@hotmail.com

Hey, I am a guy and I will say that it is perfectly fine for a girl 2 ask a guy out, it happened to me with my current girlfriend and we have been together for 8 months now.

Also to those girls out there, if a guy seems to be friendly then suddenly annoying and focuses mainly on you and no-one else then it usually means he likes you. This is coming from a male. But be careful, because some girls think that because the guy is talking to them and no-one else then the guy must like them, sometimes it is just because they don't like talking to the people you are with.

Also when someone likes you there pupils get bigger when they look at you.

Why do the pupils do that? (uh, dialate, i think it said)
ok! short overview! i don't talk to alot of guys and when i do get the chance, i am either REALLY quiet (i blame a past summer experince), im a freashmen (ugh), there is this guy in one of my classes, and we have just been put into a group to make a moive. lets just say that im the only girl in the group out of three guys (two seniors one freashmen) and one of them seems to keep looking at me...(alot of guys have been doing that ever since i got my new haircut...i swear it gives me the hebey gebeys! lol)...the other two guys r his buddies,but when ever we were trying to discuss something i could see out of the corner of my eye that he was starring at me. now take in note that i wasn't talking much, a slight nod, smile, or "yeah that would work" here and there. i made eye contact with him a few times, but only for a few seconds before i looked away...i admit that hes really cute...but i can't figure out if he is just sparring into space, looking at something behind me (empty chairs), or if there is something going on up there. we will be working on this video project for like 4 weeks and the group will have to c eachother after school as well to work on it.
i know there r some guys out there giving advice and i was jsut wondering if u guys could help me out here a bit.
over and out-Wisdom101

Im 14. There is a girl i think i like. no. I KNOW i like. But they have a boyfriend. But i really don't think he makes a good boyfriend to her. She deserves better because he always wants all this sttention and then gets mad when he doesnt get it. So anyway, i rwally like her but dont know if she likes me.

P.S. she is one of my best friends

Please help!-Nick

(I'm a boy) There is a girl in my school who would always come round to my table with a big smile and was always open, but then my "friends" kept making fun of her because of it. Now all I get is the occasional glance. Does she like me, or did she even like me? I don't know. Please help.

Im 14,im a male,the school years nearly over, and the moment i reach high school, i'll probably will never see again half the people in my school.
theres this girl i know who over the years i've end up liking,thing is, is that even though we were the best of friends in 6th grade, 3rd month into the school year, the school was moving kids from class to class,well when she was picked to move to a different class, i asked her if she wanted to talk sometime if we ever ended up back at the same class and she said she thought i was bothering her a bit much so after that,7th grade year came by and she was in the same class as me,for good that year to, she also ended up trying to avoid me in 7th grade (politly of course), i also met a new friend who in nov. said she didnt want to be friends anymore because i was annoying(which i wasnt),what puzzled me was the fact she was a friend of the girl i liked, i started to think i was the problem, and because of that thought, i started getting less and less chaty, and started to act less and less of a fan of a show i liked (i have to admit, i was a bit obsesvive of the show) but when i was into drawing big time at that time of the year, one of the i drew was the girl i liked, when lunch came by that day, the girl (not the one i liked) who use to be my friend came to me and said that now theres no chance we could ever be friends.
(i geuss her friend which is the girl i liked, didnt want to be drawn) it would seem to me as if she would be the shy, polite, nice type of person,you still getting this?
anyway, as the year came to an end, i still never told her and this year is about to end also and i STILL havent told her i like her.
does she like me? does she know I like her?
and if so,what should i do!

I'm 13 years old, and ive recently been heading into a bit of this problem myself. Well, of course, i like this one girl in my grade. I always think about it, usually too much. She is in one class with me, but we dont talk much. Usually i see her in the hallways on the way to 4th period. She is a friendly girl, yet im still scared about what to do. Help?

I really like this girl, but shes leaving for japan very soon, and i dont know if she likes me because in most classes it looks like she is looking at me but i dont know if she is looking at someone else, what should i do?

There's this girl that i really like, and i've asked her out a couple of times. and she'll always say i would but i have other plans and stuff. And im not sure if she likes me.

I've had like a huge crush on this guy Stephen for 'bout two years now...and he has no clue. It's just something about him that makes my stomache go all bubly, and he's just about all i think about. All my friends say i should take the risk and ask him out, but i dont even hardly have the courage to talk to him but i wish i did. And they all laugh cause im always talking about how i love everything about him and how i barely even know him and i feel this way...and i need help fast cause he's going to high school next year and thats going to be a whole year with-out seeing him...

Ok there is this guy and i liked him but then i stopped liking him and my friend told me i should tell him that i used to like him cuz i dont like him any more and so i did and me and him are really good friends too, so we were still friends after that and it was like it never happened but now i'm starting to get feelings for him again what should i do?

(i am a girl and 8th grade is just ending and im not allowed to date) ok so i have this really good friend who's a guy and i liked him for a while and then i stopped liking him, so my best friend told me i should tell him that i used to like him and get it over with so i did and it wasnt awkward at all and the next day it was like nothing had ever happened but my other friend kept on saying that i flirt with that guy and he flirts with me all the time except i have no clue how to flirt and i didnt like him anymore so i dont know how that works... but now i sorta started liking him again and i'm not sure whether i do or not and he is a really good friend of mine. and my other friends asked him if he likes me agaist my wishes and he said that im just a good friend but they still think he likes me. What shoud i do?

Hey Guys! I need help. Well, I sit with one girl in my college she seems to like me and give me signs that she likes me but its weird, when I talk to her she is being "cold" to me.

I'm really confused. She giving me all these glances but then she can specially make this "bored" (but cute =)) face, sort of always trying to make these "evil" jokes and comment.

But in general by body language she seem to like me (never can be sure can you =)). She stroking her hair, quite often turns to look at me or make it look as she looks somewhere out of the window. She leans to me sometimes or on the other hand: give me a glance and turn away trying to turn the other way. Especially this slicky glances as she half turned and looks with side of her eye on me when I look on the board or something like that.

Girls and women can be very complicated to guess, I know. And that is why I need someone with more experience to help me to understand this situation.

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate your help, Shadow (love this nick :P)



Well it seems like theres a lot of guys on the page so maybe you guys can help me with my problem.
im a 13 year old girl and i really like this guy. the problem is, is that the guy i like is going to high school in the fall and so i can only see him when we are in the same summer school together. there's only about 20 days left of school. how can i tell if he likes me back or try to tell him i like him. What signs are there that possibly show he likes me back and i dont want to ruin the friendship we had, before i started liking him. HELP?!?!

...I'm very confused with all of this...but nevermind that, so as is seems i r inlove by all facts but am such a coward...and i hate cowards...i'll be trying the "go to a movie" first up...cuz i don't want anyone to get scared(Me) after that if its fine i'll try talking straight to her...she's a close friend and i fell in love tfrom the first day i met her...but heres that prob.Girls like to go out only with older or way older guys cuz they might be thinking that they've got more exp...but its not like that....and i'm not older than her so...Nevermind, thanks for your time and good luck in anything.Oh i've been giving hints from a while now.

Tell her that u like her, and here are the signs that she might like you does she get Jeolous when u talk to other girls. does she firts with u. does she keep touching u when u guys talk let me know how it goes.

So I have to sit next to a guy in pratically every class everyday. There's been rumors that I like him, cause we tend to fight since he's a bookworm. (I like to take extra sticky notes and write on them "Stop Reading!" and whatnot) He play fights back and leaves sticky notes for me to stop. Even though I play fight with him and bother him when he reads, he tends to smile. I'll poke his arm with my pencil and he'll smile. And now, his friends are all being nice to me, and letting me in their click. So would this be a sign of him liking me?

I need help asap.... Im 14 nd ders dis boy hus 18 (i no it sounds pervy buh i cnt help it) ive none him for a year now nd we get along really well.... Buh i dnt no if he likez me bck:/ he goes 2 ma dads resturante so we c each otha nearly every day afta school.... Wen wer on different sides of de room he alwayz stares wen we sit nxt 2 each otha he keepz looki in 2 ma eyes nd smilles nd alwayz touchin ma leg na de bck of ma neck nd alwayz tries to hold ma hand he alwayz teases me nd alwayz crakez up dirty jokez which alwayz make me laugh nd he flirts... Does dis meanz he likez me i need help ASSAP

Hi, i really used to like this lad but i never thought he would like me so, i went out with this other lad, we've been out 4months& now the lad i used to like fancies me, if i was single i would be so happy, but i dont know what to do?:L,

Im 15 and iv been talking to this girl for 3 days straight , i use to go out wid her but we faded and were still friends but were getting closer. iv always loved her but i dunno if she likes me or anyway interested? she said we should do alot of things in the summertime together and today she asked me if i wana go to a concert? does she like me or not? please help me guys!

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