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How to get your ex back

how i could get my exboyfriend get to like me again even if he messing with someone else i want his attention.

Question From: meli - Jan 14th 2005


Why do you want your ex boyfriend back?

If you split up it was for a reason - probably that you weren't right for each other.

Rather than pining for an ex it is much healthier to chalk it down to experience move on with your life and meet someone new and make a new start.

Pining for your ex won't bring them back and is just likely to affect your life in an adverse way.

Reply From: Stephanie - Feb 10th 2006

Thats true, U shouldnt need to get his attention, if he wanted to be with you then im sure u wud have his full attention, its obvious he doesnt care, so id stop worrying over him. Get a new bf, then he may get jealous, but dont go back to him, this happened to me,if u keep going back they will just use u as a doormat,gd luk x x

Reply From: Kirsty06 - Apr 20th 2006

That sounds like good advice. If he was interested there wouldn't be a problem. If you were interested in someone, that person wouldn't be wondering how to get your attention, would they?
That said, things can go wrong for all sorts of reasons.
Good luck,

Reply From: Penny - Feb 24th 2007

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