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How to lose weight quickly

I just had a miracle baby about 8 months ago I want so badly to get rid of this plump tummy but because of the fact of having a daughter know and a handicappes son who is 21 months I am so exhausted and only want to sleep alot please email me some suggestions of how to loose fat quickly and easily I am wanting to change my appearance both for myself and for my boyfriend of 5 in a half years. I use to weigh 110 and know I am in a size 18 yuck please help.

Send me a easy exercise plan and easy dieting plan that I can follow that is not too time consuming or costly thanks to you all and God Bless

Question From: Amy - Oct 5th 2004


I to am suffering with the same problem as you. I used to be a size 7 and now am a size 18. I have 3 children the last two were verrryy close together. I used to go back to sleep after getting my first son off to school and it just seamed to ruin my days. Now when i get up i start cleaning right away. Make sure you start with breakfast. Never eat until you are full eat only about half of what you used to. drink lots of water. get down on the floor and put your child on your legs and lift them up you will feel your stomach muscle tighten. when you are playing with the children it doesn't seem like so much work. I fight the urge everyday to lay back down and i have lost 10 pounds so far. good luck.

Reply From: Steph - Oct 8th 2004

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