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Tummy trimming exercise

Concerning the article about toning your stomach. When I lay down and lift my head just a little my stomach looks like a hug football. The Dr says that the muscle that covers that area of the stomach is torn, that's why the football look. I was wondering can I still do these stomach exercise to help tone my tummy or will it not do any good?

Question From: pam - Sep 13th 2003


That's the same thing that happens to me

Reply From: Danielle - Mar 30th 2005

Hi Pam

If in any doubt about performing any of these exercises, then book an appointment with a personal trainer or expert who will be able to give you best exercises to do.

It varies on a case by case basis so it is impossible to say whether you should do this stomach crunching exercise or not - consult an expert to find out!

Reply From: Fred - Feb 9th 2006

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