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Beauty : Skincare

Acne - acne vulgaris to give it the medical and correct term!

Many people have acne at some stage in their life, often during their teenage year - but not necessarily.

By acne, people mean different things. It can be small spots and pimples to full on large lumps caused by some kind of skin infection.

So, what causes acne?

Well, acne is caused by your skin pores becoming blocked up with materials that are created (fatty ones) by the sebaceous glands in your skin.

The result of this is some sort of bump on the otherwise flat skin, and potentially blackheads or whiteheads - where an infection occurs and the puss is dead white blood cells that have killed the infection. Not very nice stuff!

So now you know what it is, how should you deal with spots...

By: Stephen

More acne advice

Hi guys. This is what the doc says about Acne:

Look for lotions or gels containing benezoyl peroxide in any drug store. Gels are the most effective at delivering the medicine where it is needed. Just below the surface. The soaps are not as effective as the gels and lotions.

Take a small amount of either and rub it on the inside of your fore arm. Then watch an make sure no redness appears. If it does consult your doc for another remedy. Now if every thing is a go, proceed and apply to your whole face. Not just the pimples. Also the neck and back if these areas are breaking out. This way it will help keep new pimples from forming. Once a day is adequate. More severe cases do it twice a day.

Do not get dressed until the peroxide dries. If it comes in contact with good materials, carpeting, towels, bedding and furniture, it will bleach them.

Start with a low dosage of 2.5 % It's less irritating to the skin. If it doesn't work go higher.

Even prescriptions will take 6 - 8 weeks. or more to bring improvement to the skin. So be patient. If at any time your skins gets worse, discontinue use.

Do not squeeze or apply pressure of any kind.
This only aggrvates existing out breaks.

Wearing a sweatband, ball cap. or resting chin in hand while gazing, will only make problems worse.

Make trips to the salad bar. Slow down on those hamburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes. These foods have high iodine content because of the way their processed. High iodine can make breakouts worse. F D A says the average iodine in a burger and shake alone may exceed the daily intake by more than 50 %

You want to make sure that any soaps, sunscreens, moisturizers, and makeup you buy won't irritate the skin, and make acne worse. Some good choices are Dove, Neutrogena, Presun, Photoplex, and Purpose.
Make up use nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic.

Avoid all hard scrubbing. Acne is not the result of poor hygiene. Gentleness. To much pressure will make the problem worse.

If your child wants a shaggy look, then so be it. If she feels like she wants to wear bangs and cover up her forhead, then let her. That hair covering those pimples isn't going to make matters any worse. It's not oils on the outside of the skin, that cause acne. It's the oils under the skin. So go ahead hide them.

Do not use pomades on hair that will touch your face. These products contain man made products such as petroleum jelly. They block oil glands, and make the problem worse. Gels and mousses are okay.

Watch stress. Yes stress. It can raise the levels of the oil glands. Try deep breathing exercises when flare ups occur.

Hope this helps also!

I've hered you can put toothpaste on youre spot to get rid of them!!

well i've try it but was it suppose to burn??! all i felt was a buring on my skin! :(

I usualy like to yuos lemonclone 3 times aday

High amounts of sugar in your body can cause outbreaks too. i never knew this until i was diagnosed as being diabetic, so.....chocolate really is a bad thing for your skin. whenever my blood sugar is high i break out in spots

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