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How To Burp A Baby

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You have to burp a baby everytime you feed it. You can usually tell when it needs burping because it may stop feeding and seem unable to swallow. You are best to burp after every few ounces of milk if bottle feeding and every five minutes or so if breast feeding.

When you burp a baby you should always support the neck because the muscles here are weak. Place a cover over your clothes where your baby's head is resting, to prevent the baby from burping over you, otherwise it can get quite messy for you!

One way to do it is to hold the baby against your shoulder with a hand under their bottom and gently rub or pat the baby on the back. You should always be gentle but increase the pressure a little if nothing happens.

Another way is to turn the baby over so that the head is resting on one thigh and the stomach on the other. Hold the baby with one hand and repeat the same rubbing and patting motions until the desired results are achieved.

You can also try sitting the child in your lap and supporting the chest and chin with one hand while patting and rubbing the back with the other. You have to be careful to support the neck muscles in this position though. All babies are different so you will get to know which position works best for your baby with a little experience.

By: Bev Woolfson on Mon, May 20th 2002

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