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Doc Says

It’s one of those – it is problems that make you cringe and reach for aspirins. A common condition, bursitis rarely causes serious damage if recognized early, and treated.

Bursitis occurs when the bursae – small sliding pouches that allow parts of the body to move smoothly- become inflamed. It can happen for several reasons. Maybe you bumped your elbow, or spent too many hours on your knees in the garden.

Or it can be caused by infections or gout.

First signs of bursitis are swelling and pain. The skin is soft and it feels like fluid inside.
But the joint pain can also be a symptom of arthritis. This is a condition that requires long term treatment. So first thing to do is see doc, find out what is causing the problems.

Here Are Some Ways To Give Arthritis Some Help

Some people like using a sling or a splinter to immobilize the area. But for the most part, it just needs time to rest

Find Relief With Non prescription Medications
Aspirin or anything with ibuprofen in it. Ex Advil - will decrease the swelling and hopefully the pain.
Remember that not all pain killers are always painless.

Try Ice
Ice reduces inflammation and pain by decreasing swelling. But remember to place a towel between the ice pack and the treating area. If the skin gets too cold it could burn and blister.

Warm It Up If It Feels Better
Warm compresses may make it feel even better. You decide. Place a damp hot, but not too hot towel on the area. Leave it on only while it feels comfortable. We do not want to burn the skin.

Go Combo
Ice 15 mins, and then warmth 15 mins.

Eliminate The Cause
What ever you’ve been doing over and over, may have to come to a halt. Bowling, painting whatever. Just stop for a while. You’ll know if and when you want to resume.

Staying limber through stretching is one of the best ways, to stay comfortable through your entire life.

So if you have access to a Jacuzzi or whirlpool jump in for a world of good.

By: Bev

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