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How To Choose A Wine To Suit Your Meal

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Think about what you are going to serve then choose your wine. Sweet wines can go well with sweet food as the sweet edge of the food will lessen that of the wine. This also applies to sour or more acidic wines, if you put them together with a similar food, the food will always lessen the sweetness or sourness of the wine.

If a white wine is quite young, it will still be very fruity, and this should be avoided when serving it with food. But in a red wine it has a different effect so can be used with food.

There are many old saying about what wine goes with what kind of food, but experts often say that these should not be adhered to very strictly. It is fine to drink red wine with fish, what matters most is the taste. Before you make a decision you should always sample the wine if you are unsure about the bitterness or sweetness of it.

If you are choosing a wine to go with a chicken or turkey dish, you can base the decision on how it will be cooked. If you are using a lot of spices then a spicy wine should be used. If it is lighter then a lighter wine is more suitable, although this will tend to be white as very few red ones would fit. If the dish is grilled then a more oak flavoured wine works best, and for duck you can try a higher acid wine.

The same principles apply to choosing wine to go with a meat dish. If you take into consideration the sauces and how it will be cooked, then you should be able to choose easily. If it has strong seasoning then choose a strong wine, but if the flavouring is mild, a lighter wine is better.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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