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How To Claim Back Overdraft Charges

Money : Borrowing

Many Bank accounts will charge you if you go overdrawn without an authorised overdraft.

BUT the first time it happens, most Banks will give you the fee back as a 'gesture of goodwill' - but of course you have to complain first.

So phone them up and see what they say - you could get your ?25 back for a five minute phone call, a good investment of time.

Note: this will normally only happen once, if you go overdrawn again then you need to take responsibility for your finances and work out why it's happening.

By: Stephen

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Banks charge people for taking there money, and it may be part of the agreement made when setting up an account, that if the customer uses the overdraft facility, then they will be charged for the fee.

But these 25 per letter charges are ridiculous, think about it, these letters are probably already drafted onto there system and the only thing they will have to do is input the correct address for an individual and send it. What bother have they gone through doing that? Nothing. So why should we have to pay for a piece of paper that has not bothered any one at all.

I think it is fair to say that if money is borrowed then yes it should be paid back with perhaps interest, but being charged for being reminded that you owe a around fiver like i did, then eventually being billed for over 200 like i did. Its a scam in which many people can see.

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