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How To Clean Your Room

Cleaning : Useful Cleaning Tips

A facetious suggestion on how to clean your room:

1) Go into your room and attempt to kick things around into corners

2) Then, put as much as you can under beds and under stuff

3) Attempt to burn or throw homework out of window

How to benefit from a clean room

4) Say to your parents you have finished cleaning your room and remember... grin at them so that they believe you!

By: Tom Stone on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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A practical suggestion:

1. Turn on a CD player or walkman onto an upbeat CD or tape. Walk around and do stuff to the beat of the music.

2. For teens, it's mainly clothing and books on the floor. Put the clothing into a dirty laundry basket and do your laundry. Do as many loads as you need to.

3. Now your clothes are off of the floor, you can tackle the other things. Make your bed so that you can see everything under the covers on the floor.

4. Making your bed is easy, you don't have to mess much with the sheets much. I like to make my bed while I'm inside it. Pull up the sheets around you and then slide out, so all the sheets are up. Then put your pillow in. Now take your comforter and pull it out over. Now your bed is made!

5. Separate the books, toys, and other things into groups, and put them where they belong.

6. Grin and bear it when Mom comes to check out your room!

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