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How To Compose A Simple Tune


Compose a simple but catchy tune: use a chord structure like this: C, Aminor, F, G: play these chords in the left hand, then in the right play any notes in that scale: here C.

To change key, simply repeat the movements above from the relative note, hence from G you would play G, Em, C, D; arpegiatting in the left hand if you prefer: great little tunes can be created using this technique.

By: Thomas Powell on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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I'm a professional musician and I find that the chord structure mentioned is very good, but, it gets a bit wearing after a while and some things just don't fit with it, just experiment a bit!

I'm not a musician and using this technique I gave a three hour concert

to an audience of hundreds and no one

tumbled me, quickest 4 grand Ive ever made.

How do you compose a middle eight to a song and is there an easier way to workout a chorus when writing a song as starting a verse i find relatively easy but tend to get a mental block these days trying to get my idea for a chorus.it's becoming a real bummer lately.

thanks gerry

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