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Date And Relationship Breakers

Relationships : Dating Advice

It is fine to discuss past relationships briefly after two or three dates together but if they go on and on about an ex or mentions them when it triggers a reminder about something, they may not be over it yet.

It is best to go halves on the bill after a date, but if the guy hates leaving a tip and makes you walk for miles in the cold instead of splashing out on parking or a taxi then he may not be very generous. Chances are he could be controlling and selfish about money in general and probably every other area of his life.

Also it may be a good idea to avoid them if he/she slags off their family in front of you, has a fear of commitment, goes out with his/her mates too much and doesn’t invite you, is more interested and obsessed with his Xbox/her mobile than having a conversation, has nothing in common with you, or checks out other girls/guys so blatantly in front of you. If in any doubt then its best to break up earlier than later.

By: Danielle

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