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How To Defend The Ball

Sport : Cricket

Even the most attacking batsmen will need to learn the defensive stroke, as to a good ball it is simply the correct shot to play and will reduce the chance of getting out.

Particularly at the start of an innings you should be more defensive whilst you get used to the wicket and the bowling on that wicket.

To hit the defensive stroke you want to get right in line with the ball. Ensure that you bend your front knee - the reason for this is that it helps you with your control as you will naturally get right up close to the ball.

Ensure that your arms are not tense and tentatively pushing at the ball, but rather have nice relaxed arms and hands.

The key is to try and almost get on top of the ball and to smother it - also important if there are close fielders around the bet so you don't play an aerial defensive that bobbles up to short leg or other position to catch.

By: Stephen

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