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ECommerce Software

Business : ECommerce

There is a large choice of eCommerce software out there. How do you choose?

Key: when choosing eCommerce software, you first need to be clear of:

- how much effort you are prepared to put in up front to set-up

- what percentage of income you are prepared to lose

- would you prefer to pay per order or a flat fee

- what is the potential volume of sales you expect

- what total income do you expect to derive from sales

There is no one size fits all product, so based on your answers, you need to shop around. With so much eCommerce software out there it is never prudent to try to give a definitive list.

However, one solid option is bazaarbuilder (www.bazaarbuilder.com) which offers a simple to integrate shopping cart function for a reasonable monthly fee. Also popular is actinic (www.actinic.co.uk)

By: Stephen

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