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How To Escape A Sinking Car

DIY : Cars

It is not a nice thought, but car accidents do happen, and many happen when a car is thrown into water.
Preparing yourself for this situations could one day save your life, here is a guide of what to do if you ever get in this situation.

Brace yourself for impact. If you are aware you are going off the road into water, adopt a brace position.
Place both hands on the steering wheel in the 'ten and two' position. Your airbag may go off when impact happens and any other position cause cause serious injury's as the air bag inflates rapidly within under a second of being triggered.

If you have children, unbuckle them, Oldest first (so they can help you)

Do not use your phone, this is going to cost precious time, just get busy getting out.

Open the window as soon as you hit water, this needs to be done before you even think about opening the door as in electrical cars the system will work for around three minutes

Opening the door whilst in water is near on impossible and even if you got the door open water will come into the car.

If you cant open the window, break it, use an object of foot to do so.
Kick near the front of the window along the hinges, do not try the windsheild, it will be safety glass and impossible to break.

If you happen to have a heavy object smash into the center of the window.

Escape through the window, take a deep breath and swim out, as soon as the window breaks or opens water will gush in so use all your strength and swim out and up.

If you have children, heave them toward the surface, if they cannot swim, give them a float or anything to hold onto.

As you exit the car, don't kick your feet until you are clear of the car. Use your arms to propel you upwards.

If the car is sinking quick and you are not out, keep trying thr window, with children tell them to breathe normally until water is up to their chest.

When the car has equalized, it has reached the point where the car cabin as feel with water. You must move quickly. It takes about 60-120seconds for a car to fill with water. While there is still air take slow and deep breathes. Unlock door, see if it opens, if not go back to breaking the window.

It is important you breathe normally until the water is at chest level, then take a deep breathe and hold your nose, keep calm, and keep your mouth closed to preserve breathe and to stop swallowing water.

Get to the surface as quick as possible, push off the car and swim!
If you do not know where to swim to to get to the surface follow light and the bubbles that go up.

Be aware of the surroundings, there may be strong currents, rocks, bridges, passing boats.

If the water is ice covered head to the hole where the car came in, be careful.

Seek medical attention ASAP.
Hail passing cars.

By: Jade

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