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Essential Phone Apps For Mums

Self Development : Children

As a mum you don't have much time in the day, you are busy doing everything else, maybe a career and raising children. There will be housework, shopping and cooking to do as-well. By making the most of your mobile phone you could help yourself out. There are many apps you can download on your phone to make everyday tasks easier.

Here are a list of some Phone Apps you can download today.

This App helps with your cooking, there are recipes on here that you can download and make. It also adds the right ingredients for the recipe to a shopping list that you can take to the supermarket so you dont forget the foods you need!

This App has over 120 fun educational activities that you can do with your child, they are inexpensive activities and some are free.

Mission Explore London
A great App for days out with the kids, this app will have you racing around the city completing tasks. This App is also free on the iPhone.

Voucher Cloud
Forget cutting out vouchers you can now show this vouchers to get discounts for dining out, DIY or other activities. It is free on android or iPhone!

Red Laser
This App shows you the cheapest place to buy the item you want, therefore you can save lots of money, this app scans barcodes too. It is free on android or iPhone!

Baby Change
If your going somewhere new and have a young baby that is going to need changing, this App shows you the nearest baby change spots, which will provide useful and essential on days out in new places. You can also add your own locations and rate the hygiene of the changing places. It is free on iPhone!

Around Me
This handy App can show you all you need to find from where you can get baby formula to petrol stations, hospitals, chemists and more. It is free on android or iPhone!

AA Parking
Don't want to waste your time driving around looking for a parking space download this App to see a list and map of all the cheap and free available spaces with all the details you need, it uses Google maps so you can just add a postcode and location!

By: Jade

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