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How To Feed Goldfish

Pets : Fish

If you have goldfish then you really can't complain - they are much lower maintenance than pretty much any other pet - no expensive cat or dog food and you certainly don't need to take them for walks every day!

That said, you should ensure that you take good care of feeding your goldfish. The best way is to get into a regular routine and that way it will become automatic to you at certain times to go and feed the fish.

First off, buy specific goldfish food from your pet store. Don't buy generic fish food - get one specifically for goldfish.

Feeding is simple - do so just once a day, and rather than drop in a load over a period of a few minutes add a few flakes at a time.

If there is unconsumed food floating on the surface after a few minutes and the goldfish have had their fill, then consider skimming off to stop it decaying into the water.

By: Sally

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