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How To Find If Laser Eye Surgery Is Suitable

Health And Fitness : Eyes

Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular.

Many people who are fed up of wearing glasses and find it a pain, or simply don't want to be reliant on glasses any more, are turning to laser eye surgery to fix their eyesight.

It is an expensive treatment so it should not be taken lightly and the risks should be discussed in advanced with whoever will carry out your treatment. Also note that it takes place on one eye at a time.

It is only suitable for certain people, and generally that is for those who have mild to moderate short-sightedness. For those who are extremely short sighted it is not a suitable option.

Also note that people should be over 21 as before that the eyesight tends to still be shifting and therefore may vary a fair amount.

It also does not work for those who are long sighted as the laser surgery cannot correct this condition.

By: Fred

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This is definitely not an advertisement, jsut trying to help. I was as blind as a bat, had to wear different glasses for reading and looking, and driving, or bifocal contact lenses. It was very annoying. I went to a specialist in Oz., they could not do anything,just to wait until I might get a cataract and than a lens implant. I read about a laser treatment in Kuala Lumpur,
i want and now I can read see and drive without glasses. The whole thing took about 20 minutes, no pain and very inexpensive. If anyone wants to know who they are I will tell, but I don't know if I am allowed to say it in here.

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