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How To Iron Out Wrinkles

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Doc Says:
There are many things that improve with age. Unfortunately skin isn?t one of them.
Wrinkles show where you?ve been, too much sun, too many smokes, and too long scrubbing, our faces with harsh soaps.
They also remind us of how far we?ve come.

Here are some ways you can help, get rid of some of those creases.

Sleep On Your Back.
You can create wrinkles by lying on your side, or belly, on a pillow.
Look around. You?ll see this in people who have, a diagonal crease on their forehead., running above their eyebrows. For some people lying on their backs, eliminates this problem.

Take Your Vitamins.
The best vitamins for your skin are B Complex. Found in beef, chicken, eggs, and whole wheat, antioxidants, and Vits A C and E . These Vitamins are abundant in green leafy vegetables, carrots, and fresh fruit. These all help ensure healthy and young looking skin.

Stop The Squint With Shades.
One big problem area is around the eyes,-what we call crow?s feet. These wrinkles are often caused by, squinting when you go out. So put on the shades and it will lessen severity.

Keep A Stone Face.
Excessive frowning or smiling or any other much repeated facial expressions, emphasizes wrinkles.
Facial exercises only aggravate wrinkles.

Don?t Open Another Pack.
Smoking is a double whammy for wrinkles. Smokers will have more wrinkles, especially around their lips. Smoking robs the complexion of oxygen, increases blood circulation of facial skin, and results in premature lines and wrinkles.
Smokers do a lot of repetitive facial movements, that add even more wrinkles.

Go Light On The Bottle.
Excessive drinking causes your face to puff up, the morning after which temporarily stretches the skin. Subsequent shrinking brings your face back to normal, but also causes wrinkles.
Wash With The Cool.
Excessive washing and scrubbing , especially hot water and harsh soaps dissolve oils that nourish the skin. Wash with cool water, and use a mild soap such as Neutrogena.

Avoid Midday Sun
No surprise that too much sun is the leading cause of premature wrinkles. The trouble is that no one except Count Dracula can avoid the sun all the time. Take note that 95 % of the wrinkling occurs When Old Man Sol is a t his strongest. Between the hours of !0 and 2 don?t go out in it, if you don?t have to. As long as you can avoid those max intensity hours, you?re doing your skin a favor.

Ban Those tanning booths.
Whether inside or out forget them.
They are tomorrows wrinkles.
The synthetic tanning is as bad as the sunshine.

Use A Moisturizer.
If you have dry skin the use of a moisturizing lotion can, temporarily help hide the smaller wrinkles, that form on the skin surface.

By: Bev

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