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How To Find Out More About Equity Release

Money : Mortgages

With regard to finding out more about equity release, then there is a section on the Financial Services Authority web site that is worth taking a look at.

Simply head on over to - at time of writing - the following web site address to find out more:

Note also that when taking out an equity release scheme it is worth checking if they are a member of a body called SHIP, which stands for the Safe Home Income Plans; as members of this abide by a voluntary code of practice that was created to help safeguard the interests of homeowners.

This is useful because the whole industry is not fully regulated (whilst lifetime mortgages are, home reversion plans are not at time of writing)

For more infomation on SHIP either call 0870 241 6060, or check out the site at www.ship-ltd.org

By: Fred

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