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How To Flirt Successfully

Relationships : Dating Advice

Flirting, like everything else in life, only gets better with practice. For some people it seems to come naturally while others feel intimidated and lack confidence when it comes to letting someone know you're interested. Here are a few ground rules which should help to make things easier!

Flirting hints and tips

1. The most important thing is eye contact when flirting. This is really the one single golden rule of flirting! Sounds easy, but can initially be difficult to establish for longer than a second or two. So when you next go out, find a guinea pig to practice on! Once you have decided on your target, look directly at him/her, then look away and always accompany this look with a smile. If they seem not to have noticed you, look again and this time smile directly at him/her. At first this really will be hard but once you get a reaction you will find your confidence will increase.

2. Once they have noticed you it is worthwhile having a few lines prepared for when they come over. However, if this does not happen, despite what you thought was a good reaction to your earlier eye contact, why don't you try approaching him/her? It could be that they are feeling just as unsure as you, so it's better to try rather than wonder what might have been.

3. When you do get to talk to them, always remember to be pleasant and smile whilst flirting - this will help put the other person at ease and also gives the impression that you are relaxed, even if inwardly you are shaking with nerves!

By: Bev on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

More flirting advice

Another piece of advice is to use the target's name often in conversation with them... People love to hear their own name. You'll be surprised how their attention is amplified by this simple act.

Other tricks to let someone know you're interested: touch them a lot while you're talking to them (placing a hand on their arm for a moment to emphasize a point, that sort of thing).

Invent a nickname for the object of your affection and use it often. The name should be a pun on the person's actual name or some reference to their interests or activities - you want to show that you notice little things about the person. The more original this nickname is, the better (just make sure it sounds positive and sexy rather than demeaning!).

When that cute someone finally comes across the room to talk to you, remember: people are attracted to confidence and positivity. If they ask how you're enjoying the party, don't say "I hate crap like this. A friend dragged me here. You're the first person who's talked to me all night." Put a positive spin on it: "Well, I don't usually go to these things, but tonight I was up for an adventure. Hey, isn't this music great?" If the person gives you a compliment, just smile and say thank you; self-deprecation is offputting, not cute.

A lot of people feel like they need to be talking all the time in order to keep the conversation going. It's always, always better to get the *other* person talking instead. Ask the person questions about him/herself and (here's the important part) pay attention to the answers. Being listened to is sexy: give your crush your full attention and you'll be remembered for it...

Yeah,i really agree with the eye contact,name involvement and the touching, i myself am familiar with these signs,its so obvious that the person really likes you, if you want to show them you feel the same then in your on sly way,do it back,boys love eye contact(the eyes reveal all)I find that i be nervous when a certain person talks to me so i try my best to relax,when you r nervous things become uncormfortable.so relax people,go with the flow xox.

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