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How To Get A Healthy Christmas Tree


In the excitement to buy a tree, many people pick up a tree that meets their height and width requirements, and then forget to check the health of the tree.

A few thousand pine needles fallen off later (just due to the car journey) and they end up with a disappointing spectacle.

In order to check the health of a tree, you should check two things.

First, ensure that the tree is dark green (or its true colour) throughout - not just the outer branches, but look inside too. If they are brown and dead it might not be a healthy tree any longer.

Also, run your hand up and down the branches (making sure not to prick yourself!) If the pine needles fall off easily in your hand, then again the tree is not in good condition. You want to look for a tree where the needles do not fall off when you run your hand over them.

By: Stephen

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