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How To Get An Adhesive Label Off Glass

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Have you ever tried to peel a label off a jar, and it leaves a very nasty adhesive on the glass that won't come off no matter how much you soak and scrub?

I've found that nail polish remover gets rid of the adhesive very quickly and easily in most cases. Just be sure it's a glass jar and that you wash it after you've used the nail polish remover on it.

By: Alison on Thu, Nov 6th 2003

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I find that benzine works almost every time.

Eucalyptus oil will remove the sticky mess left behind on objects after the label has been removed and it can safely be used on all types of surfaces including plastics.

Wipe adhesive label with cigarette lighter fuel.... works a treat!.

WD-40 takes adhesive off of anything. Also works on scuff marks on flooring, tar spots on your car and just about anything else!.

Try using WD40 - it works a treat !!.

Believe this! spread label with peanut butter (smooth variety) leave for a few minutes wipe off-it worked

And for those labels which seem to have been welded on - if you heat them with a hairdryer {be careful not to overheat delicate items such as glass}, they often peel off very easily.

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