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How To Get Rid Of Spots Overnight!

Beauty : Skincare

Ok so we all know the feeling - party of the year coming up, everyones gonna be there, you've had everything planned for weeks, make-up what you're gonna wear etc and then, night before the party a massive zit pops up right on the end of your nose! so heres a cheap way on how to deal with this situation

Last minute spot treatment!

1) get a little blob of sudocrem (big white cream in a tub??? ask your mum if unsure!) and toothpaste (prefrably spearmint) and place it on the zit! thats place on the zit don't rub it in!

2) go to bed (a towel over your pillow will stop the sudocrem bleaching anything) and when you wake up in the morning the zit will have hopefully de-creased in size and redness!

3) when you wake up slap on a honey facemask for about 5-10 minutes and any other spots that fancy popping up will stay down!

By: Hannah

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WOT IS a honey face mask

Yeah i agree -- Sudocrem.. i use it every night before i go to bed =)

I need sudocream where can i get it?!??!

Why doesn't savlon and TCP work on my skin?!!!!!

Nothing Works
Ive given up hope

Doesnt Work, Dont be ripped off like me

T Zone
pearl powder
drinking loads of water(still trying that one i drink about 5 litres a day and pee like a racehorse all day, been doing this for about 10 months now)

IF thers anything up you have tried thats not on my list im willing to do anything.

Thank you

If you have acne, mine cleared up 100% within a year by using-
differin gel
&a years course of tetracyclene tablets

by the end of the year, i had better skin that id ever had in my life!now i get the odd spot- i want that skin back, from when i was just finishing the course lol

however if its just spots,
- Perfume works better than toothpaste
- skin problems are caused by a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet
- Make sure you include Avocados, as much vitamin a and c as you can, carrots, cucumber, apples (they detoxify), brazil nuts and oily fish like mackerel and cod, or you can just buy the codliver oil from a health farm , or take it in capsules
- boil your (tap?) water and let it cool and then cut up a lemon or lime and add it in..this is alot more detoxifying then just water

Hi im michael i suffered from loads of spots i was to imbarrased to go out in the 6 weeks holiday from school so i brought Freederm

i done what it said scrub your face with hot soapy water then dry it of then rub freederm on i done that for 5 weeks flat out and my face was totally clear for when i went back to school no one bullied me again... Thanks Freederm.

I always get spots around the chin and corners of my mouth. When I want to clear them up I use Clearsil Dual Action which works within 3 days as it says, but after the spots are gone my skin is really dry and I seem to get more spots on my forehead which is usually clear.

I used this sudercrem and it worked fab and than the next nite i used savalon and it workd betta i mean it was gon !!!!!11111

If you have naturally oily skin, don't use sudocrem, savlon or anything that involves cream or an oil base for a while.
stick to exfoliation, wash will hot water and then cold.
if it still hasn't gone down, use an icepack for 10 minutes.
then once the spot has decreased, use a tiny bit of moisturizer.

TCP it work wonders. Only thing is tho it smells REALLY bad.

People with acne are often advised to use harsh, drying products on the skin. These dry the skin out too much, causing the sebaceous glands to excrete more oil to compensate. Dry skin also leads to excess dead skin cells. More oil + excess dead skin cells = blocked pores and more acne!
Applying harsh chemicals (usually found in conventional acne products) to the skin can actually exacerbate the skin's natural oil production and make acne worse

foods to avoid :
* Dairy products (milk, cheese, cream, yogurt etc)
* Refined and cooked carbohydrates (flour, bread, rice, crisps and chips, sugar etc)
* Cooked fats (fried food, hydrogenated oils, roasted nuts)
* Meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb etc)

All the above foods are acid-forming in the body. If you really want to get rid of acne, you need to eat more alkaline-forming foods -- fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts (sparingly) and seeds. The foods to avoid listed above also cause a sluggish digestive system. If food travels too slowly through the body, toxins build up and aren't carried away by the usual processes and are expelled via the skin, causing acne.

Trust me sudo cream works! ive used it for the last 2 monthes now and all of my spots have cleared up! thanks

I've tried everythingg from clearasil to the most silliest things ,, I have found that if you continusly use sudocrem your skin gets used to it and stops working,, so Im tryin everythin what ppl reccomend and see what helps me most x

I saw on 'Angus, thongs and perfect snogging.' That ice gets rid of spots, yeah sounds weird but whatever...

Nothing Works.
Just Keep Clean And Drink Lots Of Water.
And Live With What You've Got.
End Of. =)

Put on Witch Clear Pore Gel. Works for me. And i have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. So it shouldnt damage anybody elses :)x

I know alot of people say that chocolate is bad for your skin, but thats not entirely true, dark chocolate is good for your skin, so try using a chocolate face mask you can buy them from shops or even just make one yourself (milk, salt & melted dark chocolate), another way, is by putting perfume on any spots, this could either make them smaller or make thm disappear totally.

Heyy. i'm regan im 11 and i have had spots for 3 years running. no one in y class has them only me :( and i hope to get rid ov them before i get to fishers. Can you really get rid ov spots over night with sudo creme? i meeen i tried it one but it came off in the shower. I feel left out because i am ugly and are all spotty. i get them moslty on my chin and my forehead. um... micheal? is it that used the freederm? well ive seen it on the t.v. does it actually work? because i am going to middleton grange on wednesday and i need to get rid ov them !! were do you buy freederm because i have looked in tesco and stuff and its not there. Please can you tell me were to get it ? and is it expensive. thanx for all your help guys.

Hiaa. Ive just recently got a really cute boyfriend, but I have spots and i am going to see him tomorow. Please give me a tip on how to get rid of them by tomorow. I dont want to go and see him and look a spotty mess. !!!!

Yeah sudocrem and toothpaste does work but it stings!!
I had really bad spots but i didn't have acne and i tryed this but only used sudocrem. Now i have clear skin and now i have nice smooth face. and people comment me on how pretty i am without them. Must use this its worth the pain!!!
Trust me!

I am 13, i have a huge red spot on the side of my nose, and its the type of spot that forms before a zit. the yellow stuff hasnt formed yet, can anyone tell me how to get rid of the spot overnight before the yellow stuff forms ?

Hi guys. I'm isabel and i'm 14.
i viewed this website a few days ago, whilst i was searching for an answer to my spots.
I didn't have acne, but my spots covered my entire forehead, nose, chin and my t-zone. And i really hated it, after trying at least 15 different treatments, and even a spa facial sauna, I had almost given up hope on solving my rather uncomftable and embaressing skin problem. I ate healthily and exfoliated, cleaned and toned with oil free products twice a day.
Nothing worked, my spots didn't budge, untill..
one afternoon in tescos my mum found the Neutrogena 'visibly clear spot stress control- hydrating spot treatment'.
It's like a moisturisier, which is good coz' most products just dry out the oils in your spots, and therefore dry your entire face out.
As soon as i got home i put it all over my face, and it immediately cooled my face, after about 20 minutes, every spot on my face had reduced to nearly clear, the red out of my spots had completely disappeared and my face feeled great, i even had a beautiful peachy complexion!
Put it on about 6 times that day. Next day woke up with completely clear skin. After about 2 years of constant spot stress, it was gone. And only for about 3 quid or something.
You can buy the stuff in any tesoc i reckon.
I am so happy now, i can wear any make-up i like, and my face looks so amazing.
E-mail me further for ANY QUESTIONs.
I do hope you try this. IT WORKS WONDERZ

Ive suffered with spots for about 3 years, and ive actually tried everything for spots, but the thing is to not touch your face !! i always use too touch my spots too see if they had gone down or if more had come up, and id then rub my fingers all over my head which created more spots because my fingers were dirty. so i tried my best too stop touching my forhead and it was hard because it was a habbit, but it actually worked, if you stick to a plan, eating healthily, drinking plently of water, not touching your face! and cleaning your face properly then you will soon have clean and better skin. also i use tcp every night on my spots, and in the morning they have reduced size and were not so red anymore! hope this helps !!! x

Toothpaste works for me. If all else fails some medicated concealer will do the trick :)

Hi im jade im 14 i have lots of spots mostly on my forehead i have tried everything please help i feel really ugly =( i have a boyfriend he says i look pretty but i never belive him HELP !!!!!

Hey, i'm 13, i've tried putting my face in hot, then immediatly cold water, my friend told me to that, but it didn't work for me, but it might work for you. i've tried perfume, didn't work, i've tried toothpaste, didn't work, & tonight i'm going to try the sudocrem & toothpaste mixed together, but does it have to be over-night?, if this don't work, i'm going to go get freederm, clearasil, & all shizzle. spots are irritating, & it's nice to know i'm not the only one. :) ox.

You acn get the freederm range from superdrug x it is quite expensive, and it works okay on my skin, but hasn't cleared them all up. you should try it though x

Heyyah am 12 n weneva i get spots i wash my face in the shower with clearasil antibac gel wash then hold ice on the spot for 10 minutes the put sudocrem on wiv a plaster n in the mornin my spots tend to be gone

Hiya guys. im 13 and used to have terrible spots. in year 7 and eight they grew all over my forehead and nose, and side of my head. i generally had greasy skin. and was discusting. iv never worn foundation in my life, apart from dancing shows! a few tips:
- dont wear foundation
- wash your face before school, after school, and before bed
-put sudocrem on your face and put a plaster ontop
-use normal bar of soap, and it will dry your skin out, which is okay cause it dries your spots too!!
- dont use too much moisturiser
- drink water
- look after your hair and dont let spots get you down:) hope this helped.
lau xxxx

Hey guys; i'm 15 and I've been through everything you can possibly imagine with spots, and I know: they're a nightmare!
This may not seem like much help, but listen, my spots won't go away. They did for a while, but like most teenagers, I get a monthly 'flare'. What I did was, I went to my doctor and she provided me with this cream. I put it on every other night and then every night afterwards for about a month. It worked WONDERS for my skin because there was bleach in it. But, if you're not up for the whole going to the doctors thing, then heres a little tip: DON'T WEAR MAKEUP UNLESS YOU NEED TO. I know that sounds silly, but if you're bumming about the house, what's the point in wearing it? or if you're going to school? I used to wear makeup ALLLL the time. but I've realised that actually, not wearing it all the time is a really good thing for your skin. And something else: It sounds expensive, but it's worth it. I use Clarins products on my skin; that really helps. Clarins with that cream for the doctors. My skin has never looked better. They haven't completely gone, but i have so much more confidence. Don't use cheap products; they'll make everything worse. Don't spend under £10 on face products.

Expensive, I know. but totally worth it. Hope it helps!

Hello :)
im 12 and always manage to have on massive spot on my nose and when it goes another one pops up:(
so ive decided im going to try out all of these things everybody has said and give the feedback to you guys,so wish me luck :) sudocrem + toothpaste tonight :)

Hi my name is arnold,
i am 15 years old and i used to have really bad acne!!!!!!
but im going to tell you fellow members how to cure the dangerous meatballs that are about to expload on your soft skin!!!!
(1) clense your skin using boiled water to open pores, rub competly dry, ready for the treatment!
(2) buy some chocolate spread, belgium is best! and lighty paste it on your skin.
(3) leave for 20-25 minutes for your pores to absorb the chocolate paste! make sure you relax during this treatment.
(4) after the time has been completed, wash off with ice cold water to close the pores so no bacteria doesnt break the top wall of your skin.
(5) use a deep moisturising lotion to give that soft effect to your skin.
(6) repeat this treatment every day for a week and you will end up with sensational skin JUST LIKE MEE!!!
this might sound silly but it really works miracles!

Hi everyone, this is what to do when you get covered in spots:
- try not to touch your face
- before you go to bed, put either some sudo-cream or talcon powder on your spots, this will dry them out and they will just fall off
- every morning when you get up wash your face in luke warm water and dab dry with a towel
- have a shower every other day to keep clean
- you can also use some fash wash in the morning, to keep your face nice and smooth

obviously you don't have to do all of these, but doing at least 1 or 2 will keep your face smooth with no spots at all

hope this helps

Im 16 yrs old and ive had not full on acne but bad spots for yrs now i got these tablets from the doctor and i was using them for a year or more with no real results, i had my tablet evryday before bed with only a sip of water to send it down, recently ive started to drink a whole glass of water with it and my skin is now almost clear. im no expert but i have studied enough biology to realise that this could be due to the rate of absorbtion. before there wasnt anything to help absorb the drugs therefore it was completey ineffective.thats my theory anyway!! Previous to this ive tried every thing on the market to get rid of spots but none of them work, i would reccommend just getting some tablets off the doctor and taking it with a full glass of water. I hate drinking water so if your like me here is another tip drink it with a straw it doesnt taste half as bad!!!

Hi im rhianan (said re-an-on) i had spots and i could not get rid of them but i used a conditioner. weird i know but it works it is Alberto balsam tea tree tingle it works a treat and takes about 3 day to work. it smells a bit but not much and does not sting.its worth it

Whatever you do, dont pick at a spot. if you do, it will become more red and inflamed and become a scab. after that happens, it is hard to get rid of!

Seriously the best thing to do to get rid of spots is just too leave them alone, get lots an lots of fresh air and exercise and eat well. I've tried soo many products, tcp, sudocrem, toothpaste etc and as soon as i stopped using them and going outdoors more my spots just went away! also avoid toucghing ur face and always take make up off before bed!!

Helloooo , I have spots on my forhead i had had them since i was 12 and im now 13 they wont go away i have tried , lots of products ,
does sudocream work well ?? x
is Toothpaste good x

Hey i had really bad acne but then went to the doctos and got prescribed with some cream called duac and from the first week of using it i noticed a huge improvement! xx

Hi im Beth 14 , i have had spots for about 3 years and i tried everything! i bought a cream from the chemist that was called aquagel. it worked wonders with my spots! it's about £5.25. hope it helps :)

Hi Chloe Here

What about if yuo dont have sudacrem coz i dont have it and i have a big spod between my eyebrows i have the clearasil ultra but i put it on and it does nothing and i cant go out and buy out so i have things at home i need help pleasae could you help me coz it is so embarrassing in school and i dont like i really NEED HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im 12 i used to always manage to get a big spot near my nose whaen i was in year six but not anymor
heres wat i do wen i get a spot:
in the morning dunk ur face ina sink filed with warm water(this opens the pores and cleans them)then dunk ur face ina sink with cold water (this closes the pores so bacteria wount get in)
next dab your face dry (DO NOT RUB)get some honey and rub in to ur spot leave for 15-20 mins
wen done wash of with cold water, in the next hour ull c BIG changes...

it works 4 me & i got realy sensitiv skin
hpe it helped

Hey i am 15 and i have spots on my face and i hate it i wear a hat so ppl cant see them. I have had them for about 2 months befor that my skin was nice and clean. I have tryed so much but i didnt know that sudocream helps so i have just had a bath and put it on so i hope it will work and i am going to drink water befor i go to bed see of that works. They started to come when i used some make up from avon and now i dont use it and they have gone abit but there are still loads. so if u have any other ways to help get rid of them plz tell me. Thank you xx

Hii, im shannon im 12 and in year 7. i havee spots, blackheads. does anyonee know anything that i could put on my face like face masks but takes like 20mins or 30mins? well i fancy a boy and i want clear skin so tehn he thinks im fit he thinks im fit but its just the spots r a problem :(??? anyonee helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya. i am 12 years old and i have lots and lots of spots all over my face. i know that loads of people have posted the're ideas on here and i have come up with an 8 day treatment plan. (i am from england so you might not be able to get these products from all countries, i am not sure, then again, you might!) treatment plan: day 1; t-zone clear out face pore strips. day 2; montagne jennesse blemish mud (pack/mask). day 3; REST DAY. day 4; REST DAY t- zone clear out face pore strips. montagne jennesse peel off deep pore cleansing masque (for men, i know, but it works on everyone). REST DAY. REST DAY... i hope that it will sort out everyone's problem, each product on the list i have tried on my face and even though dosent get rid of spots straight away they help to clear you're face of grease and still leave it moisturised. it also clears up redness of spots and does remove them if used regularly!!!!! thanks for reading!!!

Hi, my name is sarah and i have a really wierd combination skin. here are some tips i have learned from personall experience, but you need find what works best for you. first of all, if your in a bit of a hurry, heres a short term treatment plan-
1: first of all, check what type of spot it is, and how big it is. if its formed a head or is pretty big, keep reeding, if not go to step two. firstly wash your face with hot saopy water to dry it out. now CAREFULLY squeeze the spot (make sure your fingers are clean!) and get rid of as much pus/blood as possible, repeat the face wash. then apply a oatmeal facepak (oatmeal or oats mixed with whichhazel and lemon juice to form a paste) and leave it for 5-10 minutes. wash it of and pat your face dry. then you need to dab a big blob of toothpaste (for forehead/nose) or sudocream (for chin) on the spot and leave it for a while.
2. for minor breakouts, and when you see a spot coming, first, DONT PANIC! it doesnt help at all. clean your face with soapy water, remove ALL makeup, and get yourself some ice/lemon juice. ice the spot, holding it there for ten seconds or so at a time, and clean with lemon juice. do NOT pop it. if you have a spot cream, (ones that cool are best) rub it in. if its to small to pop and no head as formed, i find toothpaste only akes things worse. put your hair up out of your face and regularely apply lemonjuice/spot cream.
3: drink plenty of water before you go to bed, no matter what sort of spot.

ideas for longterm skincare:
1: stick to a routine. use a face scrub every day (i find olay 7 effects best, yes i know its for anti aging but it works really well and is cheep) and dont forget to tone. if you must use a moisturiser, use it sparingly.
2: drink water. i know everyone keeps banging on about this but it REALLY works.
3: some products i find rreally goood are: 'witch' witchhazel spot stick, the body shop tea tree skin clearing lotion
4:dont let those spots fool you! recently i had managed to get my skin down to a cleaner level, so i put on a bit of makeup and my routine slacked. boooooy am i regretting it now! if you can avoid using makeup then do, and keep a strict routine!
i really hope what ive said helps, spots can be a bugger. but remember you can be beutifull even with spots, and they dont last forever!

.drink 2 litres of water a day
.wash every night and morning with hot water with lemon juice in it and then go to bed with honey on the spot
it works :)

Well, I tried the sudocrem and toothpaste treatment and it worked! You have to try it! =)

Hi im Hannah,
I am 10 and is going up 2 yr six after the school Holidays and my spots are making me crazy i really wanna get rid of them by the end of the school hols someone help me i have tried everythink i have cleansed my face washed my face drunk 2 litres of water a day there getting better but are still not gone it hurts when you squezze them but its worth the pain someone help me before i explode!!!

Drink lodes of water, and get lodes and lodes of fresh air and tie your fringe back so it gets to your skin, sudocreme works very well over nite, warm water then cold water dry your face with a CLEAN towel and put a blob of sudocreme on strate away dont rub it in and a towel over your pillow so it dont stain. tooth paste dont work!! x hope i helped xx

Hey im livii. i am 12 and i think i have really bad spots. i hate them SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much its untrue. i wear a bit of concealor which is ok if u dnt cake it on. i think not picking your spots of poping them helps, wash your skin 2 or 3 times a day and putting on e 45 cream really helps. they have a huge skin range xxxxxx love ya and remember you are gorgeous whatever your skin looks loke xxxxxxxxx

I'm Kirsten, I used to have SUCH bad spots, pimples and such in year 7. They have since cleared up. What I know, is that foods like crisps and sweets give you bad skin. So if you do eat them, afterwards try to drink a glass of water. As this flushes the foods out of your system. Rather than releasing them as spots through your skin. I get the occasional few spots. Sudocreme doesn't really work for me, neither do toothpaste. But I guess it's all down to what you eat. Making sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day is good, also not touching your skin. The more you touch your skin, and squeeze the spots, the worse your skin will become. Leave the spots, buy some clearasil and don't squeeze them. It only makes them worse when you have a scab. Everyone has spots so don't feel too embarassed to show your face. It's normal, everyone gets them.

Try Quiniderm spot cream. You can get it from boost or any chemist. It says use once or twice a day but use it every chance you get it works fantastic :)
However don't use it as a face cream just apply directly to spots xx

Oh and also.. feel free to email me about makeup issues and things. for example if you think you should wear makeup or if it would just make your spots worse! i know what to and what not use :)
thankyou again! xo.

Ive had spots for 3 years now! so trust me in what i say, i know what does and dosent work!!!
no one wants to read emails about how you just have to face it and that everyone gets spots. no one wants to read about problems (no offence).
the only reason we're all on here if because we want answers. thats the truth! so im here to give some:)
.dont use toothpaste! its a con! its rubbish it just dries your skin. also it dosent get rid of the spot, it shrivels it and makes it look rather upleasent!
. use nothing by clean and clear. that is too a con! at first you may think wow! but after a while your skin gets used to it and they all come flooding back!
. if you dont have acne and your just looking for a general face wash then clearisil is ok but its not brilliant. use it daily and it will help but it dosent work wanders or anything!
. oxy 5 is bad! oxy 10 is ok if you dont have acne. if you just get the odd spot use oxy 10!!
. acne acne acne. i know the feeling! sudocrem is good but if u have acne it stops working after a while. i used to think nothing could ever solve acne, let alone mine- but then i came across my miracle! CETAPHIL! you can order it online from boots i think but it dosent sell it in stores- dont ask me why because- well, i dont know.
. dont use face masks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats is the golden rule!!!!!!!!!!! they just peel away your spots and black heads for a while. this may sound good to you but it leaves your skin exposed and so in a week or maybe 3 days your spots will come back. bigger. and redder then they have ever been before!!!!!
.do not use proavtiv it is ****! i was almost fooled by the comercial but please its the biggest con since.. well actually its probably the biggest con ever!!!! dont be fooled by katy perrys innocent face! the only reasons shes on the screen lying to u is because shes being payed a bomb!
.honey facemasks are good but there not practical! for example, its a rush to get up before school to apply one and then wait 20 minutes for it too work!!
Lastly, perhaps try Neutrogena 'visibly clear spot stress control- hydrating spot' i havent tried it myslef, but im going too..
oh and drink lots of water! if you hate water, drink it through a straw. if u eat something unhealthy, fatty, full of staurates or made from dairy drink a glass or to of water to get it out of your system! eat oily fish, fruits, vegetables and just generally avoid bad foods! in the long run its good for u anyway! if you do sneek in a cheeky snakc here and there just follow it with a couple of glasses of water and you should be fine!
please feel free to email me whenever, i'm always quick to reply:)
i really hope this helps! i know how horrible spots are!
best of luck to u all!!!!!!!!!!!! xo.

Hey guys im 12 and i hav quite a few spots their not massive and red but i dont lyk spots at all
so after seeing ur advice i decided to do an experiment.
and it worked so basically u need to:
wash ur face with facial wash preferably ultrasil pore or sumink lyk that. wash ur face in hot water ( as hot as u can take without burning yourself) and then apply the soap. wash it of with the hot water and then wash ur face with cold water. dab a towel on ur face until it is dry and i mean DAB! then get savlon(blue tube ask ur mum she is bound to know) then apply on spots and around them, dont rub it in completely though. then get sum sudocrem and dab it onto the SPOT! and then aply savlon in the same way agen. leave overnight. do the same in the morning but rub the creams in if going out anywhere. do this for at least 3 days although it does tend to work on the first night carry on! you HAVE to do it every night n every morning without fail! i hav sensitive skin and this really works with me!

hope it woorks forr yoouu guyzz xxx

As good and fun experiment as it sounds! i dont think that it will work conistently and that can also damage your skin afteer a period of time as your skin does need to breathe xo.

Well not really.....i mean i hav extremely sensitive skin and ive been doing this for aaages and my skin has just cleared up x

Its not very good for your skin in the long run thouuuu:/
my mum's works with this stuff:)
if it worked for you thats good! its just i think as your still young your skin is still quite soft but for older people it might be a bit rougher:/
i might try it anyway! it sounds good:) xx

Hi Im Colleen i SUFFER with Acne on my chin, chest , back and fore-head
Its horrible, For a few days ive been applying a gel called 'Clear Skin Spot Treatment Gel' From Tesco
When you apply it it sooths the itch or heat or watever it is the acne is causing you.
its soo good , you can a apply it during the day as much as you want wich is quite good , so id advise that its only 3 euro or 2 pound 50pence.
So Im using that right now and it really helps Alot! So Yeah I Think its very good!

Heya guyyz i found this product rite and its really good......its called olay regenerist cleanser and wen u put it on ur skin ur skin sorta heats up a bit......its really goood x

Yh that product really works but its not too good for ur skin..........its gd but u shudnt use it all the tym....but thats jus my opinion......anuva tip to keep ur face nice and clean is keep ur hair clean.....seriously as long as ur hair is clean, you avoid using loads of make-up and u eat healthy food....u shud be fyn......hope this helps x

Heaa, Im Hannaa and i like somebody at school and i hardly ever have spots but i have a MASSIVE one on my chin and its REALLY red i try to cover it with foundation and concealer but it just goes inside the spot and it turns white and no matter what you can ALWAYS see it!! i really want it to go overnight HELP!! x thankyouu x <3

Heyy guyz...and girlz..:P....i found that the best way to stop spots is:
try not to eat a lot of chocolate/sweets/greasy food
dont touch ur face
keep your hair clean!
use facial wash everyday
Also if u want 2 there is this amaaazing product and its called witch hazel and tea tree...u can get it from boots..its not expensive and u apply it wiv CLEAN hands after youve washed your face. Its realli good...hope this helps

Hi melrose here i used to put a blob of sudocrem on my spots every night but it didnt work and it was a waste. right now im trying ASDA's own brand 'Clear Skin' its got witch hazel and fruit extract beads in it, its orange and in a tube tht is like a fat toothpaste tube? nd also Garnier pure u get from asda/tesco its blue and in a similar tube. hope i help ;-D


I use the Garnier face washer thing yanno the one wif the brush on the top and the soap inside it?

Anyways I use that twice a day when i wake up and when I go to sleep it really works great for me you shud try it

P.S. Sorry if it doesn\'t work

Ok, i have had spots for a while now (i am 13), i have used a number of products - a few months ago, i literally went through my bathroom cupboard and tried almost everything! Then i saw some 'Sudocrem' from when i was younger. So i tried and it worked. But; things to do, before AND after for best results: 1) wash your hands. 2) run hot water tap. 3) splash warm water on your face. 4) dry face with TOILET/KITCHEN ROLL. never use a towel to dry your face, it just causes more spots! Oh, and always dab; do not rub. 5) Dab a fair amount of sudocrem on your spots. 6) To make sure you dont make any stains, lay a towel over pillow. 7) in the morning, wash face again! Hope i helped! It works for me! But just one thing; Don't use 'clean and clear', it gives you dry skin. If you have any other help please comment!

Ok so i've written into this website before and i have just found even more useful things!

1) origins spot remover! don't use anyother of their products, but it works well to zap a spot away. it'll take about 1-2 weeks but they will clear. you can get it from boots online, or john lewis have a counter.

2) GO TO THE DOCTOR. it was hard for me to make this move too. i have acne and i never accepted this. it was hard to me to admit it because i didn't want to feel as if i had some illness. i am currently making a video diary on the progress and will report on it's results. check the website in a couple of months or maybe just weeks and i will have put up links and my email address :)

Hey I'm Bethany and I'm 14
spots suck, ive had them for like 3 years now, i have acne and it makes you want to die. i tried pretty much every treatment ever created, but freederm is seriously my life now. it started working within like 3 days and you basically feel like jesus! im not completely clear yet, but it has SERIOUSLY IMPROVED THE SITUATION! hope this helped xx

Hello im 13 years old and ive basically tryed everything!i dont have acne or anything but i do have spots over my face mainly on my forehead though. my cousin has been down this past week and brought her cleasil fash wash and she said its works really well! but this is what i do-
1. wash your face every morning and night (dont wash your face too much or it will get too oily)
2. ive used soo many spot products! i was watching some advert for clean&clear spot advantage kit where you get cleanserr mostiersurer and spot cream, and it said peoples skin looks bvetter after a day! it worked for about 1 week then went back to normal:/. ive tryed clearisl ultra & neautrema cream and its just the same as the others..
then i tryed sudocrem!! and it worked WONDERS for my skin! after 1 night my skin felt so much better, i let my friend use it and it worked for her aswell! if you put some salvon on then sudecrem then salvon again overnight you should have a result in the morning. but if you dont want to use products, take your make up off everynight before going to bed, wash your face withcold water in the morning and night and use fash wash, let the sun get to your face!! i went on holiday and did not wear any make up, and my skin felt soo much better!drink loads of water and have your 5 a day and your skin will get soo much better and its also healthy for you aswell. hope this helps and remeber dont let them get you down, everyone gets them but dont get depressed just live yor life and dont let them get you down. xx

Hi, I'm always getting spots and have been since I was about 10. I find that two things work well for me either WitchStick gel or Blemish Clearer from avon both at rather affordable prices I stick to a routine and I suppose you just have to be patient when it comes to spots if I could have 3 rules for when you had spots they would be:
1.Don't wear makeup like foundation or pressed powder or bronzer(this just makes them worse!)
2.Try not to stress every time I come across something that makes me stress out I get more spots!
3.Wash/Clense your face everyday(even once your spots are gone cos trust me they will come and haunt you again!)
My daily routine(which is repeated 3 times a day) to help keep my spots away is:
1. Use toner on your T-Zone to get rid of any dirt.
2. Wash your face with warm water and Johnson's Clean&Clear.
3. Now apply either Blemish Clearer or WitchStick gel(These really help reduce size I've also heard that freederm is good too and if I were you I would by two different ones of these to alternate between as your skin will get used to them in the end. Good Luck! :)

NEVER use toothpaste!!! i put some on over night on 3 different spots and woke up with a huge red patch around each spot. Dont believe what other people say! it realy doesnt work!

Heyy, i'm 14 and have recently been getting a few horrible spots. I dont get LOADS but the few I get are really big red sore ones. I tried toothpaste and it did nothing but get my face sticky. Because of my age I am really sensetive about the way I look and I have a face scrub and wash which I use both day and night but they dont seem to do anything. Pleeaaassseeee help??????

First off advice given may not suit everyone's skin.For a treatment to work you have to identify what skin type you are. I have dry skin so moisturizing treatments work better for my skin as it reduces the amount or sebum the body makes which is a major cause.
Second, Spots are caused by excess sebum under the skin so don't over wash the skin as it might cause the body to produce more sebum to replace what's lost.
Third, don't be afraid of trying things out as different treatments have different ingredients so they work in different ways. 1 treatment may work for you but for your friend it may be a futile attempt.
Forth, drink water; your body needs this for general everyday usage. If not then your body will try and take in as much as possible (Very hard to explain unless you do A-level biology)and this may mean from other area's
Lastly(and the hardest) Don't touch your skin, it transfers dirt which can get in pores creating blackheads.

I have spots alot. i use everything and its not working!! HELP!!!!!!!

Hii i really hope this helps; ive been getting spots since i started secondary school and i have been told that i should keep my stress levels down i would recomend you do too. at the moment im using Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion and black head clearing it can be a long process but its working for me but not all cleansers can work it depends on what your skin likes. smaller spots are quicker to get rid of, bigger spots will take time. Don't pick at your spots i know its hard not to but don't if you do you could end up with a scar plus it makes it harder to get rid of them take it from me at the moment i have at least 3 craters running in a straight line down my nose. if your going to use clean and clear i would suggest you use it twice a day in the morning and night but you have to give your face a rest if you use them everyday every week it may make the spots worse use them every other day or evey other week but when your not using them clean your face instead with warm water that way the grease is not (feeding them) making them worse. I hope it works. Good Luck xx <3

Trust me anything youve seen on this page probably wont work if your a teenager and your spots are caused by horemones iv'e tried most products around sudocrem ,which hazel,toothpaste , proactive nothing i even went to the doctors and nothing worked . If your like me and feel really embarresed by your spots or zits i hide them with make up (foundation) and it works but when you clear off your make up DO NOT use cleansing wipes they contain oil and dry out your skin there ment to take off make up so they will but it does nothing for your spots . Use warm water with cotten wool to wipe off your make up . My auntie who works in a pharmacy recomended something called panoxyl which you can get in the phamacy for 2-3 pounds i havent tried it yet but i will be tomorrow ill get back to you guys on whether it works hope you find this helpful

This is what i think:
Drink plenty of water (6 cups a day u will recover in a week slowly)
* then heat your face for a week
* and wear e 45 cream just put it on your spot DONT spread it.
*after all that put on sudo cream and plaster on top of it in the night and wash your face in the morning with soap and hot water do this for 2-3 weeks and it will surely work. make sure you put towel on your pillow when u do this
* i also predict to go to doctor.]
thank you very much this is very useful information

Hey I'm Caitlin and I'm 14
I never ever used to get any spots, but I just took that for granted and didn't treat my skin at all. But then one day I woke up and I had spots forming all over my eyes and I didn't know what to do. I tried the toothpaste theory, it did work in reducing the size but they didn't dissapear completely. Then my mum found a product by Simple called '3 day spot reducer' or something like that, and now I use it every morning and my skin is really soft and smooth. Yes I do have the odd spot now and again, but not everyone is spot free forever and I just wait them out. If you want a spot free, clear, smooth complexion 99% of the time, then buy this, you will NOT regret it :)

Ok i have tried soo many different methods over the years and have found that by using face scrub in the shower and wearing bb cream instead of foundation in the day is much better for your skin and is recomended by doctors. also for overnight removing of spots DO NOT WEAR TOOTHPASTE!!!!! it is soooo bad for your skin! i use savlon antiseptic cream and ice! works a treat! visably clearer in 1 hour! or sudacream is also good but can leave skin dry! good luck! :)

Try Tea Tree oil or tesco's ''My Skin'' Rise and glow daily face wash with dandelion and marshmallow extracts

Hi my names Abi and I am nearly 12 yrs old, I started getting spots when I was just 10 and have had them ever since. I hate calling spots zits because it's such a discusting name for a really natural thing. What works for me is sticking to the same treatment/ face wash, it should work for you. When I went on hols last year I swear I did not get one single spot because I was outside a lot. So fresh air works! Good luck guys!!

I find using sudocreme works as a delight I've been using it for about 4 months and most of my spots have cleared now as a teen, my face is an important part of my life as nowadays people judge you by how you look and I've been getting good responses now my face has cleared up! I strongly suggest sudocreme which you can get from a local pharmacy.

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