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How To Get Rid Of Undereye Circles

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Why we get puffy eyes

There are many reasons why the veins beneath our eyes become more prominent, leading to undereye circles. Exposure to the sun and age often cause the delicate under eye skin to become even thinner and so the veins are more apparent. If you suffer from allergies such as asthma and hayfever, or other skin complaints, you may find that you develop darker under eye circles than others. It is therefore important that you have your allergy properly treated by your doctor.

Undereye circles and sleep

Another factor is lack of sleep, so obviously one remedy is to ensure you are getting enough. Lack of exercise, excess alcohol consumption can also have an effect.

Stop puffy and dark eyes

You can reduce the darkness in the short term by applying slices of cold cucumber or cooled down teabags to the area. This also reduces swelling and puffiness which is another symptom.

Make up and undereye circles

Make-up can also prove very successful in disguising under eye circles, as long as you choose the correct product and colour. The best way to choose a special concealer for this area is to choose one in a shade of gold which exactly matches your skin tone. Experts say that the gold colour will counteract the blue/black shade of the under eye area. The concealer/foundation should be applied carefully and blended well, although you must ensure it is a product suitable for the delicate under eye skin.

Try not to use too pale a concealer as this will actually work the opposite way and emphasise the area. The shade should really be no more than a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin colour. However, if the circles are of a more gray tone, then you may find a pink toned concealer works better in disguising them.

Make up Technique to distract from the eyes

If you want to draw the attention away from the under eye area, just apply mascara and eyeliner to the top lashes and avoid the bottom. Avoid brown eyeliners and shadows as they enhance under eye circles. Using lighter colours can give the effect of brighter, more open eyes. Remember too that using a white eyeliner will open your eyes, whereas the darker shades can create a more smoky and sensual effect.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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Well what about really young people with under eye circles? I have them (due to heredity--thanks Mom!) and I'm 12! What should I do?.

In response to Artemis, I have really dark circles too and I'm about the same age as you! I would also love to know how to get rid of them!!!.

Use cucumber pest( crush the cucumber in a mixer) 3-4 times a week...put it on the dark place and just relux for about 20-30 minutes.....the dark circle will fade out after 2-3 weeks of regular using!.

In response to artemis and rachel im 15 and i also have dark circles which are awful and they make the rest of your skin look kinda grey. i find putting teaspoons in the freezer at night, rinsing them in the morning first thing and placing them over your eyes every day sorts them out. good luck babes!.

How do i conceal my eyebags? concealers dont seem to be able to hide them well..

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I am a 21 year old mother of two. So getting enough sleep is out of the question...
- Mon, Dec 6th 2004

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